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Through our goal is to help promote the local business community by providing free access to accurate, updated and insightful information on the happenings of Vietnam’s emerging economy, local stock market investments & financial developments, what’s going on in the marketing & research field, the local property market, laws & regulations, tourism, the local expatriate community, the many colorful and delicious cuisines and of course the cultural - lifestyle of those living and working in Vietnam. has received visitors from 144+ countries around the world since it’s launched on May 20th, 2011.  Over 53,000 local and FDI companies have contacted us to provide their information to our website.

We hope that individuals, companies and organizations will continue to support our website and will continue to provide us with more feedbacks and comments in order for us to make the necessary improvements to become the premier website for Vietnam’s local business community & global audience abroad.



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  • Over 144+ countries has accessed our website to help them find information about doing business in Vietnam including finding suppliers, buyers, factories
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