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1-14uns-2b thread dimensions

2018-05-11 22:24:26

Metric/US/Imperial thread comparison table. Type A American thread (UNF) Common specification external thread internal thread. Marking method: Except thread, marking thread on the view is the same as linear dimension marking method; The thread is in the form of a guide line, which should be drawn from a large diameter and should not be parallel to the profile line. Extended data: When the accuracy of the thread is high, in addition to marking the thread code, the thread tolerance zone code and the thread screwing length should also be marked. The marking format of the thread mark is: thread code + thread tolerance code (middle diameter, top diameter)+ screwing length. Note on the content of the marking: the tolerance zone code is represented by numbers and letters (internal thread with uppercase letters, external thread with lowercase letters), such as 7H, 6g, etc., it should be specifically pointed out that 7H, 6g, etc., represents the thread tolerance, and H7, g6 represents the cylinder tolerance code. The screwing length is specified as short (denoted by S), medium (denoted by N), and long (denoted by L). In general, the screw screwing length is not marked, and the thread tolerance zone is determined by the medium screw screwing length (N). If necessary, the screw length code S or L can be added, such as "M20-5g6g-L". In case of special needs, the value of the screwing length can be indicated, such as "M20-5g6g-30". Reference source: Encyclopedia - Thread annotation