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12 signs of emotional intelligence ranking?

2018-03-23 04:48:22

12 signs of emotional intelligence ranking?


Aries in fact is not low to frank and frank known as Aries, is a famous Jianghu visitors, but also very like to build interpersonal relationships; Basically, Aries is trying to compete with you for relationships! Just look at how social their Libra partners are. Aries is just a braver scale without the diplomat's coat. Of course, they have their own set, as long as they have dealt with Aries close range know that "they are not looking at sweet delicious fruit", basically, Aries emotional intelligence is used to help them reach the goal of the means, "I am going to go in a straight line", which touched off how many obstacles, Aries simply too lazy to go, or Yi-Shu said well: Sometimes, warmth and candor can be a high-end social skill -- just like Aries.


In fact, the seat is not high, there are basically two forms: one is the appearance of blunt, in fact, it is also so: They are like the famous joke in every half ring to "ha ha ha laughing pigs", blunt is both their camouflage, is advantage - it is said that this year the girls all like a blunt point man, except, of course, the bedroom, not always shut the door will also want to "dull" this word; There is also a kind that seems to be super social, which is the kind of person who will not be cold to see in three minutes can pull out your last five years of hobbies, astrological signs, blood types and all kinds of blood and tears history... If you think the latter is one of the most emotionally intelligent people in the world, you're wrong. No one likes to deal with someone who looks smart and obvious, whether you are smart or stupid, because no one likes the "feeling of being social" that "you are always being watched for something!" So, the conclusion is, the seats are not very sociable. Except for one segment, that is, the rich and abundant people who have really spent a good peach and picked chrysanthemums leisurely under the east hedge, their temperament is determined, their mind is warm, their eyes are broad, they will give you a real, everyone style.


It is said that the air sign of Gemini is social. Yes, they do when they're not. It's not so much that Gemini has an excellent ability to grasp emotions as that this event is less likely to shake him - try something else you care about. Gemini immediately became the 12 constellations of the most do not speak emotional intelligence, do not speak IQ imbeciles. It is self-contradictory and self-conscious, its ability to withstand blows is essentially zero, and the most celebrated virtue of empathy - that of seeing things from the perspective of others - is gone. As one of the youngest constellations, Gemini has a kind of "instantaneous transformation of a giant baby" ability, so that onlookers are all unprepared, had to look at him in a daze - the original usual cloud light talk and laugh are all appearances... Writing here, I feel lucky that, as a member of Gemini, fortunately, the things that we really care about are not a lot.


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Leo looks high and this is probably one of the highest signs on the EQ list, and I'm talking about the reciprocal. Yes, perhaps you have seen similar comments about lions in other signs: strong on the outside, like to fill the scene, bitter in the heart, and so on. Infinite Moon would like to say that all heroic characters may be modeled after Leo, who shines brightly in public, but is "lonely" in private. This is a highly uniform sign of the sexes. They certainly have emotional intelligence, but that is the emotional intelligence of the emperor (Leo has always represented the king and coronation in ancient astrological theory), and if this is the unfortunate "lion in the world", it is hard to imagine that they can use it in the ordinary people. Have you ever seen the stone lion at the gate of Rongguo Mansion suddenly move and wiggle his head and tail to ask for pocket money? They can only sit there in dignity forever, this is the fate of Leo.


Virgo cold violence "high emotional intelligence" If people think, God laughs; Then we can also say that as soon as Virgo uses emotional intelligence, we feel that we are met with cold violence. Among the twelve signs, Virgo is the one with a small pattern, which is caused by one of the obvious advantages of this sign; They are always too focused on the grasp of details, and see the trees, miss the jungle. Therefore, it is difficult for Virgos to show high emotional intelligence all the time, especially in front of their closest people. In fact, you can secretly measure that if the other person is a Virgo, and he is always polite to you, or desperately display the characteristics of his rising sign, that is, personality mask, then basically he and you are acquaintances. Virgo is very mean to the people around them, very proud, they are the most like to use cold violence of the sign - that is mostly because they open the mouth is even more annoying. But at the same time, he is also the easiest of the 12 constellations to defend the constellation "people have to speak to themselves, others will immediately turn against them" - in the suggestion theory of psychology, this may mean that they know deep down that no matter how "low" he is, you will not really leave him oh.


Libra, Pisces and Capricorn are the three most emotionally intelligent signs. Among them, Pisces is the heart of innocence, Capricorn is wily, and Libra is acquired experience. From a psychological astrological point of view, Libras, especially moon libras, are more inclined to establish themselves from the "external arc of reflection." So Libra's life is dependent on social life to be indispensable. Without the feedback of others, they are as if they could not find the familiar contact lenses one morning, but could only blur the beauty who went out - their lives have since lost focus. And to be fair, whether it is the grasp of self-emotion, or the awareness of others' situation, the innate performance of Libra is not the strongest in the 12 constellations, and through continuous hard practice, the basic constellation of this bones is very "hard", and finally achieved the dream of a person with high emotional intelligence.


Scorpios don't play with emotional intelligence. Scorpios see themselves as someone who doesn't need to use emotional intelligence. They even hate "emotionally intelligent guys" who, in their eyes, are downright snobs. Pluto governs this constellation, born to love deep and fierce, hate shallow and cool. Several elements of high emotional intelligence, such as the ability to control emotions, the sensitivity to perceive the emotional position of others, and the relatively more tolerant tolerance, Scorpio is not lacking, then he does not necessarily have to find in others, sometimes, Scorpio is precisely in the sentient beings, tirelessly looking for the more thorough self, more direct, deeper, more will not compromise.


Sagittarius simple rough my friend running to see this title directly asked: Sagittarius have emotional intelligence? They're like the triumphant three-year-olds who got their new favorite teddy bear today, bragging about "Look at my bear!" "What a bear I am!" . No other sign struggles with emotional intelligence as much as Sagittarius. They are convinced that the world needs some unwritten rules under the table, and they are willing to step into these "gray areas "(he thinks this is called" emotional intelligence ") with a "let it go" attitude; On the other hand, he can't help but feel that it's unfair, that all of these violate his bottom line in life. So do it while complaining, this is the Sagittarius attitude towards "emotional intelligence". This really naive sign doesn't know that saying everything without reservation, having emotional ups and downs without warning, and never taking into account the psychological feelings of other things in the environment are not signs of "high emotional intelligence"...


It is said that the Virgo sign has the highest proportion of billionaires in the world, followed by Capricorn. This is strong counter-evidence for Capricorns, who strive to appear low in emotional intelligence, that they are actually very good at playing pig and eating tiger. Capricorns may not have a strong reaction to small things, eat a small loss, suffer on behalf of others, or pick up a small advantage - their eyes certainly do not stop there. Once I was chatting with a Gemini man, the other side suddenly said "Capricorn can be stingy" in the open air teahouse, and our neighbors laughed - he said I was Capricorn. Am I mean? Capricorn is just not here, stingy people will never admit in public, just as the local rich like to advertise their culture. Capricorn's high EQ is a little bit mean to say it is a little black, for example, he can casually invite you to dinner, in addition to talking about what matters, but his mind may be five years later what can need you, or your circle to help - this is of course utilitarian, but the utilitarian of Capricorn is not snob, they are the most able to use high EQ personal success category, A super model.


Aquarius is high in emotional intelligence, but his emotional intelligence is only specific to certain people in a certain circle. Usually, this person is also a person who is particularly like-minded with the water bottle, and do not talk with the water bottle about emotional intelligence, he will not even give you the opportunity to show feelings. Many of the definitions of Aquarius are peculiar. The only pedestal in the 12 constellations that is represented by the "water-holding apparatus" will only show true warm "human feelings" to those who treat them as friends or relatives. Most of the time, they were pale gold deities floating in midair, expressionless. Talk with them for a long time and you will feel that your emotional intelligence is average, IQ is average, and you are full of fireworks. Of course you say, "How? I met the water bottle is very kind "- to know that it is just the interpretation of the computer two-dimensional code fixed program, the water bottle faces the kindness of the general public, the inside is deep empty and light. This is the least passionate of the 12 signs. Emotional intelligence is by no means the key to their lives.


Pisces at this time silent win sound has a girlfriend in a top 500 foreign companies as high, under several hundred million advertising every year, there are very proud to shout on MSN; Who dares counter with me? Pisces is also very capital on the "draw a sword and ask the heavens" : who dares to tell me emotional intelligence? ... They are just like how to knead how excellent dough, not angry, not to explain, not to make trouble, always smiling, unique eye price, people think that after five minutes to their bottom line, the result 50 minutes later, people also smile up to toast - brave if stupid, this is the real ability. Their biggest feature is not the ability to speak, but the understanding of timely silence; In the end, it was done quietly. They are the last sign of the zodiac born with "divine intuition." There is nothing, where to provoke dust ", the first-class emotional intelligence master in the social field, not Pisces.