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140 flat new Chinese style decoration design effect drawing case

2018-04-08 16:00:49

This case covers an area of 140 square meters. The designer skillfully uses colors, furniture, hanging pictures and retro ornaments to connect the ancient Chinese style with the modern simple style naturally, to express the elegant, subtle and dignified beauty of the new Chinese style.


Area: 140 square meters


Style: New Chinese


The living room floor is covered with gray and white stone tiles, harmonious with the gray sofa background wall, hanging a landscape painting, the decorative artistic conception is just right. The two modern desk lamps on the left and right of the sofa are placed on the black side table, which not only provides auxiliary lighting for the space, but also decorate the home environment.


The simple partition of the TV background wall divides the living room and study area, and the layout structure is perfect, so the design is not abrupt at all. It not only wins more lighting for the study, but also meets the entertainment needs of the family.


The new Chinese style pays more attention to the symmetrical layout, especially in the design of the study, simple and beautiful symmetrical design, which can highlight the scholarly temperament. And the greenery everywhere makes the atmosphere of the whole space more lively.


Round table with six seats, arranged under the ceiling fan light, black + blue + brown collocation is very natural, visually very coordinated. A few simple sprigs are placed in the middle of the table, adding a touch of color and warmth to the space. On one side of the wall, a decorative painting of new Chinese artistic conception is hung, introducing a unique charm into the modern space, maintaining balance while co-existing, and making the restaurant atmosphere full of taste.


The bedroom with a large landscape artistic conception ink painting, as the bedside background wall, showing the elegant charm of the new Chinese style. Green single sofa, give a sense of.


The whole room decoration, abandoned the simple stiff and monotonous, there is no classical style in the complex and serious, more lively atmosphere, so that people in the space to get mental and physical relaxation.