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15 classic L.A. dishes

2018-03-30 03:12:10

What else is there to visit Los Angeles besides entertainment and shopping? Of course, the most important thing is to taste Los Angeles food! Here are 15 Los Angeles foods that we hope will make your trip to Los Angeles rewarding. Urasawa's puffer fish The toxin of the puffer fish can bring down an energetic male elephant, and there are even rumors that tetrodotoxin can turn people into zombies. Usually we satisfy our craving for delicious puffer fish at Koreatown restaurant Dae Bok, a BBQ that turns the fish into a spicy, garlicky stew that tastes delicious. But in early spring, like March, everyone should go to Urasawa at least once to savour the translucent puffer fish sashimi. It should be noted that pufferfish is not very toxic to you, but the price of eating one meal will make your wallet bleed. Bulgarini's Goat's Milk Gelato Los Angeles is one of the culinary capitals of the world, and the city lives up to its reputation for goat's milk gelato. Bulgarini Gelato, one of the best gelato in Los Angeles, is run by Italian gelato master Leo Bulgarini of Altadena, who shakes goat cheese in a handful of baked, original cocoa hearts. Just to maximize the intense and stimulating flavor of these ingredients. Leo recommends tasting it with a glass of Rose Prosecco (famous Italian wine) from the Valdo Biadne region. Romanesco (Pasadena farmers market) Anyone who visits the farmers market on a winter morning knows this bright, bright green, hunks of the plant. Romanesco is ranked as the world's top 10 most amazing plants, scientists dissected Roman broccoli found that Roman broccoli has rules and strict mathematical models. If you go to the farmers market in Pasadena, you'll see several Caltech students working on the plant for half a day. Live Fish Sashimi Masan Restaurant(San Nak Ji) Even though I know the nervous system of octopus very well, I am still not convinced about the morality of eating raw octopus. Look at the octopus tentacles, they're still swinging in the pan as they're being forked. So it takes some courage to eat this dish. But the delicacy of the dish made me shy about eating raw and I stopped thinking about it. Even those who haven't been to the house know that spago offers good pizza, fresh Chino Ranch vegetables, and macaroni with goat cheese and broccoli. These dishes are the ancestors of what made California food famous. So people who have not been there, also know the dishes in Spago. California's cuisine fed Hollywood and helped make celebrities such as Wolfgang Puck America's first celebrity chef. Although Spago has been following the Austrian style rather than the California pizza and macaroni route for quite some time, it still has decades-old classics, such as beet layer cake with goat cheese and pumpkin seed oil, and imperial pancakes made by Spago veteran chef Sherry Yard. It's light, fluffy, and it's got delicious strawberries. Tito's tacoTito's Taco is probably the most overlooked delicacy. Come in a box of 22, it's the biggest meal of a West Los Angeles Mexican boy's childhood - warm, soothing for a hungry stomach. Purists often judge Tito's taco as "inauthentic" based on the difference between pork and beef. That may be true if you compare it to taco, the local Taco in Mexico. But there is no doubt that what it offers diners is plain and chunky, 500 calories at a time, a taste of nostalgia for third-generation Mexican immigrants living in Los Angeles. Finicky diners trained on Dutch Oysters, French Oysters, and Virginika must admit that the shellfish from Carlsbad aquaculture are excellent, and the most delicious oysters are Luna Oysters. It has a half-and-half cucumber taste, a fresh taste, and a crisp texture. You can find them in any of the good oyster houses, like Anisette Brasserie and BP Oysterette. But the best thing to do is to head straight to a farmer's market in Santa Monica or Hollywood, find Carlsbad's stand, buy half a dozen chilled oysters, and kill them immediately. Chantilly's Sesame Cream Puffs are Chantilly's signature dessert, filled with black sesame whipped cream but still airy, with just the right eggy flavor, Even the mesquite honey and caramel bean powder sprinkled on the puffs are unforgettable. Chef Keiko Nojima studied art in Tokyo, and these puffs may be the norm in Tokyo's upscale living areas, but in distant Los Angeles, you can only find them at Chantilly Japanese French Cake House in Lomita Mall. Japanese baking can be too soft and sticky to look good, but when you eat it, you'll know I'm right - even those non-sesame cream puffs won't disappoint your sweet tooth. There are few places in the San Gabriel area with so much delicious cuisine where you can share Golden Deli's devotion to Vietnamese pho mee. Crowded, narrow, but unmistakable: sweet, with overbearing garlic, and a fragrant fish-scented sauce, mixed with roasted coffee. Of all the Vietnamese restaurants around, this is the only one that always has a long line - and that's because Golden Deli has the best Vietnamese fried spring rolls. In the limited world of diners, in order to this bright color, fragrant spring rolls, perhaps the fire is also willing to go to the mountains. It's a well-known fact that Mimi Sheraton, the foodie predecessor of Langer's Hot Pastrami, raved about Langer's decades ago with little resonance: Langer's is a pilgrimage site for lovers of Jewish smoked meat. His Pastrami, already tender and steamed under steaming heat, is sliced freehand and sandwiched between two slices of crunchy toasted rye bread - "a delicious adventure worth taking," as a Michelin guide often calls it. If your friends on the coast are skeptical, pick up a Pastrami and Langer's will be happy to wrap it up and seal it for you -- and now New Yorkers can taste the authentic Pastrami. It is said that few dishes in the world can rival the roast beef Marrow Flan made by Fergus Henderson, the legendary chef at St. John's in London, This appetizer provided by CUT is quite similar - the hot and fragrant bone marrow of roast beef bone, mixed with cream and egg yolk liquid, then spoon and spoon put back into the bone, baked until similar to custard before serving. The Cut roast beef bone marrow is very much like Henderson's version, with the same mix of kosher salt, toasted cream bread and a little chopped celery salad just enough to suppress the raw grass. But in my mind, the CUT version is even better, which gives the taste of natural layers and the perfect taste of the final finish, so that I can't help but feel the deep care of nature. The approach is like borrowing from the French chef Escoffier, but more like Lee Hefter's closed disciple. Little Flower's Sea-Salt Caramels If you think the satisfaction of your stomach is more important than the health of your teeth, you will surely buy a large bag to keep at home: French fudge diamonds that melt in your mouth into a rich, pure taste like butter. This is the best caramel candy in Los Angeles right now. Newport Seafood's Spicy Lobster Newport Seafood's Spicy Lobster dishes are numerous and several of them are delicious. But for many, Newport's menu is the same: On Saturday nights, visitors wait forever for one of its signature house-special lobster dishes, stir-fried with red pepper, black pepper and chives. Lobster at Newport is like Pink's hot dog, and you can't miss it. This is the only Chinese restaurant I have come across where the waiter would strongly recommend you to use a knife and fork. If you want to eat all the corners of the lobster like a chef, chopsticks are really powerless. A lobster is usually 5 to 6 pounds a serving, and at $15 a pound, it's not cheap, but the portions are plenty. Matsuhisa's New-Style SashimiNobu Matsuhisa's new-style Sashimi debuted in a bold and wild serving -- thinly sliced fish, served with warm juice, Mixed with a little sesame oil and extra virgin olive oil. No one at the time had heard that it was inspired by Italian Crudo(similar to sashimi) - the seamless pairing of olive oil and sashimi, and the unexpected delicacy of ginger and garlic. This new and creative chilled sashimi alone has satisfied the stomach. At a time when many Japanese brands are increasingly rigid, Nobu is surprisingly flexible. By Angeli's Gnocchi, I don't mean the regular Thursday menu item at the small restaurant in Rome, Maine. I mean a traditional Italian snack that has become a classic over time. At Angeli, the Ricotta Gnocchi, a ricotta gnocchi after enjoying his own salad, is like grass bathed in a drizzle, full of pure natural fragrance. Even if this snack is only available for a limited time, it is not difficult to eat it as you wish. (If it's on the daily menu, everything else is for the birds.) You can enjoy this croquettes with tomato sauce, but if it's paired with charred brown butter and sage, it's a real treat.