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2013 college entrance examination mathematics test points analysis precautions

2018-04-24 06:24:59

The 2013 college entrance examination is approaching, and the scene of thousands of troops crossing the single-log bridge will be a process that every student must go through. In less than 3 months, we must adjust our mentality, do a comprehensive review of each subject, and try our best to improve our learning strength. Today, we will tell you about the analysis of math test points!


Under the guidance of teachers, students should study the exam outline and recent college entrance examination papers to clarify the trend of college entrance examination mathematical propositions. The mathematics ability test of the college entrance examination includes logical thinking ability, calculation ability, spatial imagination ability and the ability to analyze and solve problems, which takes logical thinking ability as the core, so as to leave candidates with relatively large thinking and choice space.


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For the moment, most students are a little anxious, and the college entrance examination mathematics review is the most afraid, hate, which is to a considerable extent due to the "hard wounds" caused by the sea battle. In the past teaching, many students think that reviewing mathematics is to constantly do problems, thus falling into the problem sea battle  do too much, numb, hurt the enthusiasm and enthusiasm for learning, the original level of college entrance examination can not play. Therefore, the topic of naval warfare should be abandoned. It is suggested that students should first select the topics, pay attention to the typicality and pertinence of the topics, advocate the deletion of complex problems, difficult problems, partial problems and old problems, advocate the selection of innovative problems, application problems, inquiry problems and situational problems, and highlight the training value of the problems, so as to improve the efficiency of the review class and get twice the result with half the effort.


The teacher in the final sprint stage of the college entrance examination, a considerable number of students put aside textbooks, out of the teacher review. As above, I did not listen to the teacher's title , but I did other topics below myself and carried out "independent review". For most students, this would not be worth the cost. Review can not put aside the textbook, mainly the college entrance examination questions will also take the textbook as a reference. Can not be separated from the teacher mainly because the teacher has many years of teaching experience, they grasp the principle of enlightenment, the selection of topics are highly targeted topics, in such a case candidates follow the review, can take less detours, is absolutely effective. And blindly "independent" review, due to the lack of system, lack of pertinence, is likely to be busy, or futile.