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2013 Vera Wang Fall Wedding Collection

2018-03-03 19:12:00

2013 Vera Wang The autumn wedding dress collection is full of noble lace, the bodice part of Lisbeth dress perfectly shapes the V-shaped waist line, focuses on the feminine feminine line, the tight shape of the drip shape is in perfect contrast with the elegance and agility of the skirt, and the hollowout behind shows just the right trace of temptation, adding a bit of modern interpretation to the overall elegant shape. The cream color of French vanilla and the floral decoration of tulips and rose lace all over the body, the Leda dress has all the sophisticated and classic elements of the 15th century. Vera cleverly used two rare types of lace on her stunning Lisette gown, combining different textures to create a romantic atmosphere. The first type of lace is a hand-woven leaf pattern, and the second type is a soft mesh lace, like a rich foam. Both types of lace have a little stretch, so that the dress is full of elegant and soft texture, the most suitable for outdoor weddings. Lace has always been regarded as a noble and elegant endorsement for its fine workmanship and perfect pattern. It is the quality of lace that can carry memories and inheritance that makes it the first choice for wedding dress fabrics. For Autumn/Winter 2013,Vera wanted to bring back this classic fabric and give it a modern, stylish look. The Lindsey dress combines many different types of lace to create a special texture that fully embodies elegance and romance. Lisa dress combines all traditional wedding dress elements in an innovative design. In this season's wedding dress design,Vera used many classic wedding elements such as lace, beading and draping, and these elements also appeared in Lisa's dress. The part of the corset is dominated by French Chantelie lace, and then covered with exquisite pearl and crystal embroidery decoration, which shimmered and presented a luxurious yet gentle texture. Clusters of crystals and beads were scattered like stars on the dress, creating an irregular effect on the corset. Lark dress maximizes the modern and stylish look of lace with its elegant cut, especially the lace wrapping around the neck and upper body. Lace is no longer just a decoration or fabric, but an inspiration for design. Vera chose tulips and roses because of their unique shape and symbol of eternal love. When enlarged, you can see the fine lines, like a scroll of painting. Share by wedding photo group purchase ()