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2014 Aden travel guide

2018-05-01 01:36:00

Every year, there are a large number of self-help tourism enthusiasts and adventure tourism enthusiasts, using various ways to go to Aden, we are usually related to what season is the best season in Aden, if you go, what is worth seeing, what matters to pay attention to whether there is a security risk, etc., too many problems, because they have gone to Aden before, so a rough guide, Hope to help friends who want to travel to Aden.


Hardshell jacket (that is, you can keep warm and take it off when the sun comes out), thermal underwear (spare, depending on the season), sneakers (preferably waterproof), hot water bottle, umbrella or raincoat.


Sunglasses, a hat (necessary for both wind and sun protection), sunscreen (I didn't use it, my skin burst), lip balm (necessary, my mouth cracked and swollen like sausage, but it went away within two days).


Beef jerky, chocolate, dried bean curd (can maintain enough nutrition and energy in the case of poor taste of highland food)


You can also take some medicine to prevent altitude sickness (such as rhodiola, or Fenbide).


Road conditions and accommodation: (1) Because before the route is not very understanding, check the information also found that the road is not very easy to go, for safety considerations, so we still found a travel agency, specializing in the kind of free travel (Lao Li free travel), the whole trip down is still very good, reasonable travel design, driver technology is also good. Here I organized the line to share with you, if you want to drive a good friend or can refer to it. From about 800 axioms, now all through the asphalt road, the road condition is still good. But the city along the way to climb several sea more than 4000 meters of snow mountains, these snow peaks are often said to be the place where the snow is likely to occur, but in early winter, the general impact is not large, often begins to melt snow in 2-3 months is more dangerous, but usually need to prevent the dark ice on the snow mountains, these dark ice is often not easy to be found, fortunately, there are generally reminders on the road. From Aden about 110 highway. Now the roadbed is relatively wide, the road condition is also good, as long as careful driving, pay attention to non-slip, the general problem is not big. (2) The conditions of accommodation do not change much, but the accommodation needs special attention. There are better accommodations along the way, but Aden scenic spot due to the relatively cold, and only the temple can provide accommodation, you can also bring your own tent, but because the night weather is cold, and the scenic spot is not allowed to fire, so it is best not to live in the scenic spot after December. Generally choose to live in the Tibetan home at the gate of the scenic spot or simply live in the Riva township with dozens of axioms away from the scenic spot, which is relatively warm and safe.


Schedule: Day 1: -137km -- 140km -- 137km -- Kangding -- Qiao (414km, about 9 hours by car) Stay: Qiao or Kangding by car via Chengya Expressway. Once the capital of Xikang Province, it is famous for the three wonders of "elegant rain, elegant women and elegant fish". Follow the beautiful Qingyi River to the majestic Erlang Mountain, through the longest road tunnel Erlang Mountain Tunnel (4.1 km), after the calendar and Yin and Yang days to Dadu River Valley (the largest and deepest canyon in western Sichuan) through the iron cable bridge, you can stay at night bridge. Tip: Bridge 10 yuan/person. Dadu River rafting 120/ person


Day 2: Bridge - 68km - 137km - 148km - (353 km, about 8 hours by car) Overnight: The second day began to officially enter the Tibetan area, close to Yadin, after getting up early, leave the bridge, over the Gaolsi Mountain (4412 meters above sea level) after crossing the Niiziwan Mountain (4659 meters above sea level) Katzilla Mountain (4718 meters above sea level), through the world's high city, plateau pearl - county (4000 meters above sea level), view the scenery of Maoya prairie, through the Wuliang River, Climb over the legendary tortoise and hare race - Rabbit Mountain, pass the largest ancient glacier site and ancient ice cap on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau - Haizishan Nature Reserve (4500 meters above sea level), enjoy the charming scenery of the Chitu River Valley along the way, and reach the last Shangri-La -. Tip: Evergreen Cole ticket 10 yuan/person, in the bridge can overlook the king of 7556 meters - the main peak of the mountain. This day's trip will always be driven above 3000 meters above sea level, and some people will have altitude sickness, so it is necessary to do a good job of altitude sickness prevention in advance. At night, you can bathe in Zubzakka at your own expense.


Day 3: - 74km - Riva - 36km - Aden (110 km, about 3 hours by car) Overnight: Aden residence After breakfast, drive to the fascinating Aden scenic area (about 6 hours by car)! After arriving at the scenic area and taking a short rest, you can go to Nuorong cattle farm, cow milk Sea tour, far view Shanodoji Sacred Mountain (meaning Vahadeva Bodhisattva, 5,958 meters above sea level), Yangmaiyong Sacred Mountain (meaning Jinmanjusri Bodhisattva, 5,958 meters above sea level), watch wild animals, mountain flowers, snow mountains, forests, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and experience the natural fun of harmony between man and nature. Tips: Due to the elevation of milk sea and five color sea road from Nuorong cattle farm to Aden scenic area above 5000 meters, the whole journey needs to be on foot, and the round-trip time is about 4 hours, the road condition is very poor, please pay attention to your own safety when visiting, according to your own physical condition, do what you can.


Day 4: Aden - 36km - Riva - 74km - (110 km, about 3 hours by car) Overnight: In the morning, visitors can choose to ride horses (horse fee, Longlongba to Chonggu Temple up 40 yuan and down 30 yuan, one-way time of about 50 minutes) up the mountain directly to reach Chonggu Temple, enjoy the scenery of Chonggu Temple and Shenshan Senai Sun scenery, and then walk to worship Zhuomala so God Lake (Zhen), toward the view of Senai Sun Mountain (meaning Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, altitude 6023 meters) (tour time of about 4 hours). Feel the simple Tibetan family life in Yading Village, and experience the spiritual shock brought by Tibetan cultural customs. Let the sacred mountains and sacred water resonate with the heart, indulge in the dream land! After bidding farewell to the three holy mountains, step by step away from the last Shangri-La - Aden, to the county seat to stay. Tip: Chunggu Temple above the section riding is a good choice, go to the Luo Rong cattle farm (10 km).


Day 5: - 148km - 137km - 68km - Bridge (353 km, about 8 hours by car) Overnight: Bridge after breakfast, go to Sangdui Town to shoot the red grass, the red grass is an indispensable part of the trip to Aden, in autumn, with the yellow birch trees behind, reflected in the pond, is the beauty described in many books. After crossing the ancient glacier relic Haizi Mountain to arrive, after passing through the county, to the photographer's favorite place, the plateau wide valley photography paradise of 3450 meters above sea level - Bridge. Tip: Get up early to view mulberry pile red grass photography. For lunch, you can taste the plateau snowfish without scales at your own expense (80 yuan/person at your own expense). Visit Baicao house big medicine, because the day's journey is relatively long, so be sure to grasp the time, otherwise accommodation may be a problem.


Day 6: Bridge - 110km - 28km - Erlang Mountain - 114km - 137km - (400 km, about 9 hours by car) After breakfast, Kangding departure, arrival, along the way can eat mountain yak, visit the cold crystal, Du Le knife, etc., through the highest altitude Erlang Mountain tunnel, through Yin and Yang, return, Aden tour is over.

Matters needing attention

Aden Scenic area is a newly developed high-altitude scenic area, living conditions are difficult, the body is really poor or do not go. Due to the high altitude, visitors to the plateau will have a normal mountain reaction, while the daily temperature difference between the plateau and the mountain is large, please prepare enough cold clothes and rain and snow appliances.


Due to the remote location and inconvenient medical conditions, you can bring some complex vitamins to resist altitude sickness, cod liver oil and other common drugs to prevent colds.


Tour, Aden scenic area need to walk or ride, because the mountain path is steep, rugged difficult to walk, or pay attention to safety when walking or riding.