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2017 Live tutorials

2018-04-03 19:12:51

With the rapid spread of short video, the rapid development of live broadcasting platform, in the industry is already the leader, so gradually increase the audit efforts, resulting in many users in the platform can not be live broadcast, and feel troubled, today to share with you in 2017 with what method can be the fastest to open live broadcasting function.


Live broadcast


The attached picture is the condition of the official application for live broadcast: publish more high-quality works and be loved by the majority of users; The platform image is positive and there are no bad records such as illegal blocking; Account binding reduces the risk of number theft.


There are a lot of articles about opening live permissions before, introduced a lot of methods of opening permissions, you must have tried a lot of methods, but why has not been able to open this function of live broadcasting, because the methods you see are every basic user can do, you have no work, you have no fans, the official will give you open live permissions, Let you go live in chaos, at least need to let the official see your ability to open this function for you, the following introduces the method we open.


Binding, this is a must, when downloading, will remind you to get your address book information, be sure to make the point allow access, the first step is complete.


This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


Record a work you feel good, can not be too leaky, men can record some interesting jokes, must be high quality jokes, women, you can record some of your own show videos, remember not to be pictures, must be moving, not too explicit, as long as sexy.


According to the third step, after charging 50 yuan, click on the fan headlines in the Settings, and then keep clicking on the next step, choose you feel you are very good works, spend money to promote, as long as it is a normal video, interesting or beautiful women, can attract more than 200 fans, if you do not suck these fans, Can V inkesss get you some followers, he will help you get more than 200+ followers.


Do not go directly to the official on the day of the release of the work, you can wait for the second day, or the third day, the number of your fans up, your video viewing rate up, you are looking for the official, direct feedback information can be: the following content, "request the official open live permissions."

Matters needing attention

As long as it is done in accordance with this method, basically can open live permissions, this is the latest method this year, we do not use the previous set of information to open, that set is outdated.