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2020 episode Five Blessings guide How to quickly set five blessings

2018-05-13 00:00:27

2020 set of five blessings activities began again, this year and previous years are similar, and there is a new Fuka - family Fuka, the following will teach you how to quickly set five blessings




AR scanning activity time: January 13 - January 24 As in previous years, in the main interface of the collection of five blessings, click on the AR scanning blessing page [scan a blessing card], scan blessing word or the corresponding door blessing code will have the opportunity to get a blessing card


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"My Home" Lucky Bag activity time: January 13 - January 24 during the activity, every day in the "My home" interface to collect points lucky bag, also have the opportunity to get lucky card, as a new option this year, do not miss the O


"Movement" to get the activity time: January 17 - The end of the activity period, through exercise, 100 steps a day, out of the fortune road, you can also get the Fuka


Ant Farm activity time: January 19 - During the end of the activity, send your chickens to your friends' homes to pay New Year's greetings, and you will have the chance to get a Fuka


Attention!! This year still retains the luck card, the flower card is replaced with the "family photo" card, which is also obtained, and the beneficiary group is modified from an individual to the personnel in "My Home", and other Settings are basically unchanged