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2020 HKUST innovation class mathematics written test preparation skills sharing

2018-05-03 00:00:53

It is a great honor to give you a chat about the innovation class of the University of Science and Technology, young class math exam preparation problems, below I will according to the most of the students and parents in recent years encountered the most problems, Zhu Xiaofei teacher do a solution, to make a reference for everyone.


1. What is on the math test? The math test consists of eight blanks and three answers. Before preparing for the exam, first understand which module you need to supplement the knowledge. There are some modules that are required, complex numbers, solid geometry, functions, trigonometric functions, series, etc. These modules can make a plan by themselves, and systematically go over the knowledge points and frequently tested questions within the prescribed time, one module a week. Remind you that there is a module in mathematics that is very, very important and often difficult: Equations and polynomials, often appear in math exams (19 years the final question is Chebyshev polynomial, 18 years from the final is also a polynomial problem), may be a professor's proposition preference (we dare not ask), the specific module you can sort out according to the previous year's real questions. Here is a simple list of the content that needs to be supplemented outside the college entrance examination: (1) complex numbers and polynomials, the requirements of the college entrance examination are not enough, and need to be supplemented; (2) Inequality; (3) Number theory, master the basic knowledge and application of simple number theory, but the innovation class has rarely been tested in recent years, but it does not rule out the possibility of testing; (4) Combination counting, similar to permutation combination, but the method has improved on the requirements of the college entrance examination.


2. What should I pay attention to when preparing for the exam? Number one: Have a good test preparation plan. Second: improve the speed of solving problems, the test time is relatively short, so it is best to give yourself a time when doing exercises to improve the speed and accuracy of solving problems. Third: Don't waste time on some eccentric questions, there is no sense.


3. Do you have any recommended test prep books? Recommended innovation class Red book... More targeted. Of course, you can also buy some other self-recruitment books, do not need to buy competition books, although some real questions from the original competition book to take the test, but not so much time to think, this time if there is a teacher who can guide you can save a lot of time, sorting out the most effective knowledge and topics are the teacher's task.


4. Is there any hope if the qualification test score is low? Here are a few examples of students I have taken as a reference: in 17 years, a student was 130 in the test, in 18 years, there was a 134 (line 130) in the test, and in 19 years, there was a 149 (line 143) in the test. The qualification scores of these three students are not high, but they performed better in the second examination, and the proportion of the second examination is relatively large. Therefore, as for the question of the second exam, you do not need to prepare at the time of the qualification exam, and then prepare after you have passed the qualification exam.