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30 Entrepreneurial projects Young people make money from scratch small business complete

2018-03-18 09:36:38

Entrepreneurial success lies in the people in the project, more and more people are starting businesses, more and more projects, and small projects have become a trend, so how many small projects are there? 30 good business projects young people do business to make money small projects complete


Now the people who buy houses are still increasing, wall decoration everyone is very headache, wallpaper wallpaper a series of things will appear quality problems over time, cloud product wall scenery a special process that can be painted on the wall without pen, vivid pattern, simple operation, do not open, very suitable for the general public entrepreneurship


Modern agriculture Modern agriculture is the key to any business. Modern agriculture is the most important, but the number of people engaged in modern agriculture is large, the market competition is the most abundant, and the protection of modern agriculture is more and more. But the return time of agriculture is long, by the weather and other irresistible shadow is relatively large, for this reason, the return on investment of modern agriculture industry is also relatively large, but now the development of ecological agricultural parks and tourist attractions, the development prospect is vast, the return is attractive, sometimes by the weather shadow is also small, it is worth looking at the entrepreneurs concerned


Handmade embroidery in recent years popular retro fashion trend, clothing is very popular, embroidery patterns have become popular. Can rent a 20 square meter surface, open a hand-made embroidery. Rent and decoration costs are within more than 30,000 yuan, plus other incidental expenses such as business licenses, and the start-up capital is about 40,000 yuan. Embroidery flowers to be rich, flowers and trees, flowers, characters, are very popular; In addition, we should continue to improve after-sales service to do our best to product quality, to inform consumers how to maintain embroidery and how to choose suitable for their own embroidery and other primary schools, and as far as possible completely free to help them repair.


Bean curd mill is an indispensable part of People's Daily diet, so there is a large market space for bean curd mill. You can invest 30,000 yuan to rent a 30 square meter facade room and buy the corresponding equipment. Begged raw material health, manufacturing environment is good, the implementation of sunshine operation.


Self-laundry selection coin-operated, dry cleaning machine, the whole process of washing clothes by the customer's own actual operation, washing clothes and dry for 1 hour, convenient, fast, clean, suitable for colleges and universities, residents of residential areas, hospitals, clinics, hotels and other total population area set up. The new project has been particularly popular in Japan, South Korea and the United States, but it has just begun to develop in China, so the development prospect is particularly broad. The early purchase of machinery and equipment, the rental side of the venture capital requirements of more than 200,000 yuan.


In today's society, with the new trend of online shopping, the industry is developing with rapid development momentum, freight this terminology is gradually increasing by others, it has long become a prosperous industry, now open a website hot, open a website does not need to use how much money, the key is to find customers is a problem, now do agents, very cost-effective, also very convenient. Distribution one-stop service, farewell to the traditional distribution into the new method of distribution period.


Online agricultural brokers change the traditional agricultural products operation mode, relying on local characteristics of agricultural products, set up online agricultural brokers home column, introduce and promote to the outside world. The initial investment of this project is not high, only a computer, a scanner can be, but the network technology is relatively high, is a very promising green.


Small classroom teaching is specifically aimed at the common existence of children in working-class families who have no one to accept their children after school. In response, they do their best to pick up children after school in the afternoon, and help them to do their homework and review their lessons. They wait for their parents to come after work and pick them up to eliminate their practical difficulties. This investment project is not large, rent a room near the college, and prepare some student desks and chairs in advance.


Cloud product Smith it belongs to independent research and development, original process, low investment threshold, no franchise costs, do not invest too much in the early stage, headquarters support more, sell a painting direct profit of several hundred yuan, a variety of profit models, suitable for those 8090 after entrepreneurship, second entrepreneurship, free entrepreneurship, existing increase, graduate entrepreneurship, is a good project for small business, you can first test market in the franchise, Greatly reduce the risk of investors.


China's residential decoration industry has become an important pillar industry of national economic development, annual household decoration consumption and decoration supplies consumption are very large numbers, to find their own familiar industry, in the industry rules to find a profit point, every family to decorate, sustainable development, good prospects.


Domestic service intermediary investors need to participate in the examination of human management, domestic service to do their best to learn training, and obtain a qualification certificate before taking out the entity. The business scope can contact housekeeping services, cleaning services, etc., maintain expenses by charging funds, and get net income. Rent a house in the early stage, study training, small investment.


Manual organization to open the method of manual knitting association, experience foreign service production and processing, the small number of unemployed female friends gathered, to each line plus 5 yuan processing fees based on the tariff standard, in addition to embroidery and then collect 50-100 yuan processing fees. From 8 to December, the operation can be profitable, with a net profit of about 2,000 to 3,000 yuan per month. The initial capital investment of this new project is small, and it can be directly operated at home without renting a house.


Idea Commerce E-commerce services. In the case of rapid development of e-commerce services, e-commerce services are very expected. At this stage, more and more Internet sales have long surpassed physical market sales, and many people can still buy items that are difficult to buy in daily life. That way you can also bring some local new products online market sales, will bring unexpected harvest.


Aquaculture Aquaculture of aquatic products. Modern agriculture is making more and more money these days. The farming industry is the key to self-employment. This is also very promising. Poultry market, such as pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks and other poultry, use is very large, everyone will love to eat. These are all staples on the table. It is very easy to find out how to raise this kind of market, and the net profit is very rich. Very easy to turn you into a fortune free son.


Coarse grain nutrition breakfast in the community, schools and other densely populated areas to rent a facade, operate a variety of coarse grains, cereals and other mainly porridge, pasta, such as, corn, sorghum, soybeans, etc., begged for environmental health, clean; Full variety, rich taste.


Pet photography studio Small pets in a certain point of view, has become the main members of the family, specifically for small cats and dogs and dogs service projects have become more and more segmented, to small pets take personal photos is one. Just how popular is pet photography? One example can be confirmed: the price of "pet photography" is brushed out 1 degree, and 500 yuan takes ten pictures, which is more expensive than "children's art photos".


According to the survey found that China's decoration market demand continues to grow every year, the output value is expected to reach 100 billion; Post-80s, post-90s group consumption rise, more and more attention to the quality of home environment and personalized life and environmental protection; The traditional decoration materials have many drawbacks, the decoration period is long, the effect is unsatisfactory, and the second decoration is a lot of trouble; Now many families will use healthy and environmentally friendly materials, cloud coatings market prospects.


The initial investment is 10,000 yuan, including rent, office equipment, handling fee, etc. Hire about 10 nursing workers, suspend professional training, for customers to provide nursing, maternal guidance, life care, etc., the fee standard 800 yuan/month.


Specialty tea bar Specialty tea bar mainly sells flower tea, and sells fruit tea, which has been more popular in some large and medium-sized cities. Often drink flower tea can regulate nerve function, promote metabolism, improve body immunity. There are dozens of flowers suitable for drinking, such as red roses, white chrysanthemum, peony, honeysuckle, etc., the price is between 100-300 yuan per kilogram. At present, the number of people drinking flower tea is still small, but it will certainly drink tea in the near future, with broad market prospects. Initial investment is not large, need rent, decoration, equipment and other costs 2. About 50,000 yuan.


Nowadays, more and more people are starting businesses, some people say to do it, some people are waiting for the actual, with the rise of the real estate industry, many investors will target to art paint this industry according to the survey found that China's decoration market demand continues to grow every year, is expected to reach 100 billion output value; Post-80s, post-90s group consumption rise, more and more attention to the quality of home environment and personalized life and environmental protection; The traditional decoration materials have many drawbacks, the decoration period is long, the effect is unsatisfactory, and the second decoration is a lot of trouble; Now many families will use healthy and environmentally friendly materials, the market prospects are broad.


Although the field of waste plastic recycling has a bit of a problem, there is no doubt that waste plastic processing has long become another big industry. The use of waste plastic processing, for our country to save green energy, reduce air pollution, so that a part of the people first rich, to achieve common


Children's toys, as an indispensable item in the whole process of children's growth, has always been a popular value product on the market for children. At this stage, parents are most willing to pay for children, if they grasp the young children's market, it is a foot into the cornucopia


Love box lunch with the promotion of the "business incubation base" way, 80, 90 has long become the main force. It's just that because so many people are so busy at work, what to eat for lunch becomes a dilemma that needs to be solved. If you want to make a lot of money in the office building in 2019, setting up a "love box lunch shop" is a very good business opportunity to get rich!


The patient catering service has menus tailored to the different conditions of different groups of people. The operation should pay special attention to the hygiene of the stove, which can not be as simple as the general restaurant and food delivery. In the early stage, a reasonable recipe should be developed for different diseases of patients. Customers should ask the patient's symptoms, physical conditions and psychological state when they come to the door, so as to facilitate better service; The patient's food order file should be kept safe from any errors. The initial investment is mainly rent, purchase of stoves and other expenses, about 20,000 yuan.


The project breaks the traditional big change small, fat change thin, repair hole service scope, mainly to provide customers with the creative design of reformed clothing, while providing reformed accessories, such as ribbon, beads, zippers and so on. You can re-create clothes that do not fit or are outdated, or transform clothes that will be discarded into other items, such as dolls, pillows, home accessories, etc. Shop should be small should not be large, the investment cost is not high, but the master's creative design ability and craft have certain requirements.


Yunpin wall painting is a kind of characteristic background wall, do not need any art foundation can make a personalized fashion pattern wall painting on the white wall, the price is only a few hundred yuan a pair, a good wall landscape painting, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-pollution, anti-alkali scrub, preservation time of more than ten years, will certainly be able to obtain the favor of rural owners. Entrepreneurs do not have to worry that they will not decorate the wall, will not paint, cloud product wall painting free training, one-to-one teaching, to ensure that entrepreneurs can master the construction methods of wall decoration, technology, investment costs are not high, as long as more than 10,000 yuan of investment, the total investment of about 20,000 can be, there is no too much risk. Can do wall painting at the same time, can undertake a variety of wall decoration, from scraping putty to decoration one-stop service, do a professional wall decoration experts, make their own characteristics, cheap, I believe it is easy to make some achievements.

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