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360 portable WIFI3 generation unbox evaluation

2018-04-09 12:48:15

Only after buying a pear, I do not know what is wrong with the antenna module, and the wifi that is far from 1 meter is basically no longer with me. There is no way to buy a portable wifi plug in the computer, in order to solve I can not brush the existence of crying. It happened to arrive today, and I will send you an open box evaluation.

Package appearance

Since the delivery of the official website takes 2 to 3 days, I chose a merchant whose shipping address is close to mine on a treasure. Open the box. A welcome coupon (I can play with this bubble for a year). Well protected.


After squeezing the bubbles, let's have a look (ahem, ahem...) Well, I underestimated violence. The outer box is deformed and has caved in in places. ps included a stand.


We opened the box, uh-huh, and asked if we could save a little more. The box on the outside is a manual. What a hole! Right in the middle lies our main course. Personal preference is like blue.


There's nothing but a portable Wi-Fi, so at least get a lanyard. But the instructions on it are quite detailed, so I threw them in the trash. quack

Hardware appearance design

We directly pick up the portable wifi, and first take a full-body photo, I do not know whether the careful partner has found that the color of the hat is different from the color of the fuselage. What the hell is this. I decisively went to the official website to find a comparison, but the official website even a full body map did not.


Look at the interface, the work is general, there is no obvious burr and plastic residue, but there is a feeling of not smooth. Feel the metal of the interface uneven.


Secretly moved out of the mother's scale at home, weighed it (do not care about the dust above, can find is already a gift of God) no more or less just 5g, or very light, basically no sense of weight.

Usage detection

This inside drive I will not show you the download, so as not to have advertising. The drive is about 24.29M, and the small water in my home downloads very fast. This icon will appear when it is officially launched. It took over a minute to start anyway.


After connecting to the network speed is still very fast, probably left 8m signal becomes 2 grid, 12 meters on the complete no signal. You can hang on my bathroom wall.


But at night. Turn off the lights, ah ah ah (the brightest star in the night sky), this luminous intensity of at least 8W, the entire fuselage is illuminated through. Especially when there's a data transmission, the lights are flashing. Is that my 24-carat titanium eye?


Model: Portable wifi3 Interface Type: USB 2.0 Wireless transmission standard: 802.11b 802.11g 802.11n Wireless transmission speed: 300Mbps Length: 4.9cm width: 1.9cm height: 0.81cm Weight: 5g product Main material: plastic

Sum up

Advantage 1, the price is low and easy to carry, which is already very convenient compared with other routers. 2, the wall penetration ability and the general home router is not much different. And you won't need another cable. 3, small shape, high appearance level. quack


Disadvantage 1, the heat is serious, generally used for half an hour will exceed 50 degrees, especially at the USB interface. Two, it's too close. It's a big hole. Basically not as good as the first generation. 3, LED indicator light is really bright blind eyes, feel the waste of electricity, trouble can be changed a little smaller?