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360 smart camera how to make an appointment to buy

2018-04-18 22:24:23

Is also a new product, let's take a look at it, a strong onlooker.


First of all, we open the home page, after opening, we search for 360 smart cameras on it.


After searching the results, we need to find its official website and enter it.


After entering, we will see the words "make an appointment now" displayed above, and we can click "Make an appointment now".


After clicking, because of the cooperation, so we click, jump to the above, we click the "now appointment" button.


After clicking, we can select the corresponding style, after selecting, we click the "Book now" button.


If you haven't logged in your account, we can click on your account.


After logging in, we need to enter our reservation information, after entering, we made the reservation successfully. Just waiting to open a room and buy it.

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