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7 Books worth reading and re-reading

2018-03-17 19:12:52

Books are our intimate friends. When I am showered in the bright sun, with a book spread out on my lap, smelling the ink on the paper, with a glass of water beside me, and listening to the beautiful sound of a naughty wind doll blowing open the pages, my heart is filled with happiness. When I am lonely, books accompany me and make me feel warm; Books make me happy when I am sad and make me feel how interesting the world is. There are some books you know exactly what they are about, but are willing to spend time reading and rereading them. Today, Xiaobian will recommend 9 books worth reading repeatedly, and every time you open the book, there are surprises waiting for you.


1. "Jialing said poetry" author: Ye Jiaying recommended language: By the poetry conference brush screen, a lot of people are talking about Dong Qing and Wu Yishu, but more worth learning is in the poetry conference appeared in these Tang poetry Song words in the "witty". Classical poetry is a very important part of the splendid Chinese civilization, is the ideal home of literati, poetry is not only the expression of emotion, but also the aesthetic experience. Reading more poems and writing more poems help to promote one's emotional cognition, sublimation of feelings, and improve one's aesthetic taste. Learning traditional culture, poetry must not look at, also must not learn. It is divided into four lectures, the first lecture Outlines the aesthetic characteristics of the traditional poetics, that is, "Fu Bixing". The next three lectures are about Tao Yuanming, Du Fu and Li Shangyin respectively. This book is the essence of Mr. Ye Jiaying's integration of ancient and modern literary theories, both Chinese and foreign. It reviews the poems of important poets in the middle and late Tang Dynasty, such as Wei Yingwu, Liu Zongyuan, Liu Yuxi, Han Yu, Bai Juyi, Li He, Li Shangyin, Du Mu, and gives us a deeper understanding of poets and poems. Note: Good rain knows the season, when spring is happening. The wind sneaks into the night, moistening things silently. Chrysanthemums under the east hedge, leisurely see. The mountain gas is good day by day, and the birds are also. Grape wine luminous cup, want to drink pipa immediately urge. Drunk lying on the battlefield, you don't laugh, ancient to battle a few people back.


2. "The Chains of Life" [English] Maugham recommended words: The book protagonist Philip Carey's childhood and youth of the bitter encounter, mostly based on the author's own early life experience, but the writer broke the constraint of facts, fictional some major plots, and shaped the image of Philip Carey. Through describing the twists and turns of the protagonist, the novel reveals the torture and enslavement of human beings from spirit to material. Philip Carey, the protagonist of the novel, lost both his parents when he was young, and was unlucky and born with a disability. He spent his childhood in a cold and unfamiliar environment, and his character was therefore withdrawn and sensitive. The years spent in boarding school make him suffer from the abuse of the unreasonable school system, and when he enters the society, he experiences the pain in love. In the rough road of life, he every step, have to pay hard struggle, but the thought and personality are independent of Carey, has been trying to break free from the religion and small citizen consciousness of the two imprison their own spiritual shackles, trying to seek the true meaning of life in the chaotic life. Note: The greatest torment in the world is to love and despise at the same time. It's no use crying over spilt milk, because all the forces in the universe are bent on spilling it.


3. "The Great Gatsby" [United States] F. Scott Fitzgerald recommended words: The protagonist James Kazben is a poor farmer's son in North Dakota, since childhood dream of being a big man. After some effort, he finally rose through the ranks, and changed his name to Jay Gatsby, self-righteous son of God. While serving as a lieutenant in a military training camp, he fell in love with Southern heiress Daisy Fee. But when he returned from overseas at the end of the war wearing a military medal, Daisy had married Tom Buchanon, an athletic, extremely wealthy, but rude, rich man from Chicago. Immersed in the dream of love, Gatsby worked hard to become a millionaire from a poor officer. His only wish is to see Daisy, his lover who has been separated for five years, when they meet again, Gatsby thinks that time can go back and relive the old dream, but as time goes by, he finds that Daisy is far from the person he dreamed of, but this realization doesn't last long, Daisy runs over her husband's mistress with her car, Tom blames Gatsby, Gatsby is finally killed, but Daisy doesn't even come to the funeral: Nick, the narrator, sees through the cruelty and evil intentions of the rich in the upper class, and leaves New York to return to his hometown in the Midwest. Note: I was within and without. I'm both an observer and an observer. If you are going to love someone, you have to think clearly whether you are willing to give up your God-like free heart for him, and from now on you are willing to have fetters.


4. "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown: Leonardo Wittler, a devout believer in God, devoted his life to proving the existence of God by scientific means. He and his adopted daughter, Vittoria, conducted highly secret experiments in the laboratory and succeeded in creating an extremely powerful energy - "antimatter". In this major discovery has not yet been announced, Leonardo was brutally killed in the laboratory, an eye was dug away by the murderer, and a mysterious mark was imprinted on his chest - "Illuminati"! Even more shocking, the antimatter hidden in the ground disappeared. Note: To believe too bigoted is foolishness. There will even be fanaticism, extremism, even killing to preserve the so-called greatness and dignity of religion, mystery and superpower. The most dangerous enemy is that which no one fears! The enemy that no one fears is the most dangerous enemy.


5. "The Count of Monte Monte" [French] Dumas recommended words: The story tells the story of the 19th century French emperor Napoleon "hundred days dynasty" period, the Pharaoh's mate Edmond Dantes was commissioned by the captain to send a letter for the Napoleonic party, was framed by two despicable people and the judge, was into the black prison. His cellmate, the Abbe Faria, taught him all kinds of knowledge and, on his deathbed, told him the secret of a treasure buried on the island of Monte Cristo. Dantes found the treasure after the escape, became a huge wealth, from the pseudonym of the Count of Monte Cristo (sailor Semba), after careful planning, repay the benefactor, punish the enemy. It's legendary, it's strange, it's fascinating. Note: If you want something, you have to set it free. If it comes back to you, it belongs to you. If it doesn't, you never had it. If we part, it will not be because of me, you know, the tree does not want to leave the flower, the flower leaves the tree. All human wisdom is contained in these two words: "Wait" and "hope"!


6. "Love of the Falling City" author: Zhang Ailing recommended words: The story happened in Hong Kong, to Miss white tassel, experienced a failed marriage, penniless, in the relatives by ridicule, see all the world. Chance to know a lot of gold handsome bachelor Fan Liuyuan, then take their own as a bet, go to Hong Kong, win Fan Liuyuan love, to fight for a legal marital status. Two masters in the field of love fighting in Repulse Bay rice, the original white fringe seems to be defeated, but when Fan Liuyuan is about to leave Hong Kong, the Japanese began to bomb Repulse Bay, Fan Liuyuan turned back to protect the white fringe. Bombarded, life and death, tied the fan Liuyuan, tassel joy is not without sadness, enough, so suffering, enough to do ten years of husband and wife. Note: If you knew me before, maybe you would forgive me now. If you marry for a living, then marriage is long-term prostitution. The average man likes to teach a woman bad, but also likes to influence a bad woman, so that she becomes a good woman.


7. "A Letter from a Strange Woman" [Austria] Zweig recommendation: The work tells the story of a strange woman, at the last moment of her life, full of lifelong infatuations, wrote a long, sad and touching letter, to a famous writer to reveal their desperate love. The novel with a woman's most painful experience, wrote the deep love and dedication. This strange woman, she fell in love with an ordinary man who is everywhere in real life. The mediocrity of this man is like a symbol of the mediocrity of the world. In this letter, we see a woman's unique, complete view of the world. She's a world unto herself. Mysterious, powerful, self-fulfilling. Her love alone makes all the men in this world feel ashamed. Note: You are everything to me, and others are just passers-by who gently brush by the edge of my life. There is nothing more terrible in this world than being among people and living alone. Love is one person's business, and love is two people's business. So, I love you, has nothing to do with you.