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8 Things You'll want to know before eating grapes

2018-04-05 16:00:42

Grape, a berry, is one of the oldest and most widely distributed fruits in the world. So, we need to know something about grapes before we eat them.


1 How do grapes grow? Grapes are lianas. I remember that every summer when I was a child, the vines on the grapevine rack in the yard would hang down, which was a good place for summer, and every time at this time, I would feel that summer was really coming.


2 What kinds of grapes are there? There are many kinds of grapes, more than 8000 kinds in the world, and more than 500 kinds in China. Longan: The Longan grape is one of the oldest varieties cultivated in China (once unique to China). Fruit is purplish red or deep rose red, thin transparent skin, taste very sweet, there is a "pearl of the North" reputation.


Seedless white: also known as "seedless dew", medium and late ripe fresh food varieties, taste very sweet, commonly used to do raisins, but also wine.


Mare's milk: Named because it is shaped like mare's milk. Fruit grains cylindrical, white green; Sweet and juicy, crisp and refreshing, with small pits.


Rose: Light purple when underripe, like rose petals, slightly sour and sweet; Once mature purple with black, the entrance has a kind of rose fragrance, sweet and not greasy.


Summer black: Summer black is an early maturing variety. Seedless, very aromatic, very sweet, and the meat is fine and crisp.


3 How to pick grapes? Look at white frost: there will be a layer of white frost on the surface of grapes, which is a sugar alcohol substance that is naturally secreted by grapes and plays a protective role in grapes, also called fruit cream, which is a natural substance and is completely harmless to the human body. Therefore, when choosing, choose grapes with more complete fruit frosting. The more complete the cream, the fresher it is. Look at the shape of the fruit: to pick the whole string of full, one grain long dense kind. Look at the stem: Fresh grape stems are stiff and green. Smell the aroma: Smell the aroma, fruity is more fresh.


4 How to wash grapes? Soak the grapes, add some flour or starch, gently turn over, the surface impurities will be easily washed off, and finally rinse. Have you ever encountered the phenomenon that half of the grapes are white after washing them? When washing the grapes, you should use scissors to cut off the grapes one by one, not by hand, so that the water does not run into the grapes.


5 What are the benefits of eating grapes? Beauty and beauty: Grape seeds contain unique proanthocyanidins (a kind of polyphenols), with strong anti-acidification and antioxidant effects, often eat can make the skin rosy; Auxiliary treatment of anemia: grapes rich in vitamin B12, often drink red wine, is beneficial to the treatment of anemia; Treatment of neurasthenia: grapes are rich in glucose, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins, tonifying and stimulating the brain nerves, and have a certain effect on the treatment of neurasthenia.


6 What should I pay attention to when eating grapes? Patients with diabetes and constipation should not eat more. Obese patients should not eat too much.


7 How do you eat grapes? Grape salad


Grape toast




Grape ice cream


8 How are Grapes preserved? Do not wash all the newly bought grapes, the grape surface has natural protection, and you should wash how much you eat. Instead of stacking, use scissors to cut the grapes one by one (do not remove the pedicle) and lay them flat in the crisper. Refrigerate.