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9 kindle Tips You might not know

2018-03-21 12:48:14

What do you not know? Do you know all the hidden tricks of the Kindle? In order to make it more convenient to read and use, here is a special summary of the Kindle for you to use 9 special tips, do not know quickly to understand it.


When using KindlePaperwhite, click the upper left corner and lower right corner, or the lower left corner and upper right corner (that is, the two ends of the diagonal line), and the page flashes, indicating that the screen has been successfully captured. The screenshot file is saved in the root directory in png format and needs to be connected to the computer with a data cable to view it.


② [X-Ray] function [X-Ray] allows you to easily click to clearly view the whole book. In books that support X-Ray, you can view entire passages that mention specific concepts, fictional characters, historical figures, places, or other topics of interest to you. Clicking on a person's name or phrase while reading an e-book and selecting Turn on X-Ray will allow you to view a list of where that content appears in the book. Or bring up the auxiliary toolbar and select [X-Ray], or browse the list of places where all relevant items appear in the book. If the ebook does not support X-Ray, this button will be disabled.


③【 Search 】 function is not in the home page or in the reading process, click the 【 search 】 icon in the toolbar, you can enter keywords to search. When using the "search" function, you can choose the search scope on the left side, with a variety of options such as "Book, my content, all, Kindle business, dictionary, encyclopedia, Douban", which can be selected on demand. To exit the search, click [X] to the right of the search bar.


④ [My Clip] function Hold down the text, and then drag your finger on the screen to select, you can add notes and annotations. Kindle automatically adds notes and annotations to My Clippings on the home page. Click [Settings] → [Reading Options] → [Notes and Annotations] → Turn on the [Comment Backup] option and the content will be automatically saved in the cloud!


To organize your Kindle library, you can use the "Favorites" function. Click Menu → Favorites on the home page, type the name of the favorites, and click OK to display a list of Kindle content that can be added to your favorites. The same content can be added to multiple favorites. Click "My Content" on the home page, you can browse and click "Favorites" to view all favorites.


⑥ [Personal Document Service] Function How can I read my personal document on Kindle? In addition to using the USB cable to connect the Kindle to the computer, you can also use the Kindle "Personal Document Service" function. You and your approved senders can send the document to your Send to Kindle email address, and the document will automatically be sent to your Kindle. If you have sent a personal document to your device via Kindle email, or if you have enabled the Personal Document Archive feature in My Account → Manage My Device → Personal Document Settings on Amazon, your personal document will also be saved in the cloud.


⑦ If you need to understand the definition of a word during the reading process, press and hold the word to view its definition in the pop-up dialog box. To change the default dictionary, click the home menu [Settings] → [Device Options] → [Language and Dictionary] → [Dictionary]


⑧【 New Words prompt 】 function 【 New words prompt 】 function can effectively help you read English books faster. If you have turned on this function, when you read English books, difficult words will automatically appear above the short, simple English synonyms or phrases, without pausing to look up the dictionary, so that your English book reading in one go. At present, new words prompt only supports some English e-books. If the book supports the new word prompt function, the Kindle seller e-book product details page will display "New Word prompt function: Enabled". To turn this feature on or off, click Menu → Settings → Reading Options → Language Acquisition → New Words Tips on the home page, and then click on or Off.