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# I'm coming # Travel one how to play

2018-03-29 17:36:45

It is a city with mountains and water, tea and food, and a leisurely life. A lot of people say: This is a city you don't want to leave. How to arrange a full day trip? Next, I will share with you the guideline for a day trip.


Electric treasure, people


Route: Daci Temple → Jinli → Temple → Wide and narrow lane → Chunxi Road


Daci Temple is not particularly famous, the business atmosphere is not strong, the Buddhist atmosphere is strong, and the incense is very prosperous. The temple has a quiet environment with red walls and green tiles. There is also an exhibition hall in memory of Xuanzang, which introduces the life story of Xuanzang. There is a teahouse in Daci Temple, where many locals drink tea and chat, feeling very comfortable. Here also provides vegetarian vegetarian, very distinctive, taste good, you can have a taste. There is also a cartoon image of Xuanzang in the temple, which is quite cute!


Jin Li and temple are two adjacent attractions, if you go to the temple entrance to find that the ticket office is crowded, you can choose to visit Jin Li, Jin Li is an antique commercial street, is one of the most popular attractions, but also part of the temple museum. Here, you can enjoy the craft of kneading clay figures, putting sugar paintings, you can also visit the shop with the characteristics of The Three Kingdoms, there are a variety of special snacks in the street, a variety of tea houses, cafes, bars, inns and so on can sit at any time.


The temple is a place to commemorate Zhuge Liang, for friends who love the history of the three countries, is to go to the better place in the garden, you can visit the Zhuge Liang Hall, Liu Bei tomb and the three Jes monument, to understand the Tang, Song, Ming, Qing Dynasty poems, documents. There are many lovely souvenirs in the temple around The Three Kingdoms, as well as the panda perimeter, very delicate and beautiful. The prices are affordable, just like the ones sold outside. Buy one and take it home if you like! The temple actually has a door, after you visit the koi carp can see a small door, there is almost no queue at the ticket office, you can buy tickets directly.


The wide and narrow alley is composed of wide alley, narrow alley and well alley, which is the existing Qing Dynasty ancient street of relatively large scale. If you go to the temple after the day is not dark, you can choose to go to the wide and narrow lane, because the people after dark really super many.


Chunxi Road is one of the oldest commercial streets, here gathered several big old brand food, you can eat all the snacks in one breath, tired of the day can look for food in Chunxi Road.


Transportation: Daci Temple: Take Metro Line 2 to Chunxi Road Station before walking, or take bus No. 3, 4, 58, 81, 98 to Daci Temple Station; Jinli: Walk from Daci Temple to Shamao Street, take bus 21 (North Second Road direction), get off Ci East Street, Wide and narrow Alley: Ci, take Road 57 (Stone Passenger Station direction), get off at the commercial street exit, Chunxi Road: Take Metro Line 2, get off at Chunxi Road Station