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# New Year # Winter should not eat dog meat.

2018-01-01 06:24:00
Dog meat, also known as "fragrant meat", smells fragrant, mellow smell, winter is the best season to eat dog meat. Because dog meat is warm and salty, the heat is large, the fever after eating "fire", the ability to warm and keep out the cold is strong, and the protein content is high, it has a good effect on enhancing the body's disease resistance, enhancing the organ function, and has the effect of supplementing qi and helping Yang. Winter is suitable for eating dog meat, but also can not eat dog meat, some people are not suitable for eating dog meat. What kind of people should not eat dog meat?



Eat dog meat


People with cerebrovascular disease and hypertension should not eat dog meat. Because dog meat is warm, hot, with a strong tonic, tonifying the kidney after eating, will make people's blood pressure rise.


People who have just recovered from a serious illness should not eat dog meat. Dog meat has a strong tonic, and serious illness is just the person, weak body, should only warm up, should not eat dog meat this nourishing food.


Children should not eat dog meat. Children are full of Yang, not suitable for supplementing Yang, not suitable for eating warm food, moreover, children's viscera tender, avoid spicy food, and dog meat is cooked with yellow stuffy method, not suitable for children.


People with Yin deficiency and fire should not eat dog meat. Dog meat is a hot food, and more food is easy to generate heat and help fire. So usually dry mouth, upset irritability, hands and feet fever, sleep less and dream more, mouth ulcer people should not eat dog meat. The main cause of oral ulcer is "heart and spleen heat", so it is not suitable to eat dog meat.


People with cold, cough and diarrhea should not eat dog meat. Wind heat cold accompanied by fever, cough, such as eating dog meat, heat attack heat, will aggravate the disease. People with frequent diarrhea have a weak stomach. People with weak stomach should not eat dog meat.


In addition to the above points, it should be noted that dog meat is hot and not suitable for consumption in summer. Secondly, the aphrodisiac effect of dog meat, in fact, there is no credible medical basis, although there are effects in this area, but it has been unrealistic exaggerated, can not be too superstitious about this point.