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【 Villa family 】 White trail, exquisite your life

2018-03-15 20:48:16

The compact and rapid pace of your life times, so that everyone who rushes for life becomes impetuous, if we can have a good grasp of their own state of mind, in the busy are designed for their own balance of scales, the most relaxing place is their own home. Our mind can be properly tuned, let us slow down here, slow down... Case name: Romantic sunshine villa case style: modern luxury wind case area: 400 square meters This case is a set of modern style villa design, pure white background with pure white furniture and even decoration, giving people a pure white visual impact and enjoyment, a small amount of other colors as adjustment, so that the home space presents an alternative fashion sense. The overall space linear modeling elements and square modeling elements echo each other, and the surrounding background wall decoration seems to feel a strong fashion and modern style. In particular, the shape of the lamp is just right and the shape of the top surface is combined to bring out the sense of extension of the interior space. White semi-round sofa, elegant and noble, commensurate with the surrounding purple atmosphere, looks simple and bright against the crystal lamp, the whole audiovisual room gives people the metal feeling of the fashion kingdom. "Openness" is the theme of this house design, with white, silver and so on as the absolute main color of the interior design, different from the design of traditional villas. Neat white European style is popular in the villa, very simple and fashionable, with a strong modern atmosphere. Because the decoration is mainly white, in part of the furniture above the designer used a relatively heavy color to pressure, the two match, so that the overall feeling is very good. White, is the purest color, but also the most transparent rendering, is the most common background color in modern homes, making the interior space more bright and transparent, warm. The pure white of the study gives people continuous space for reverie, and it seems that there is no constraint, which makes people feel very comfortable. The owner likes to dress his villa as white as snow, and the decoration inside is also very simple, but it has a different kind of aesthetic feeling. The designer is specially built according to the requirements of the owner, revealing a strong modern luxury style. Pure white walls visually create a light and transparent interior space, simple and comfortable cloth sofa with low-key colors, rustic plot shock the soul, lively pillows make the design of large villas full of life, fashionable glass coffee table full of modern beauty, small shelves decorate the background wall, elegant leather sofa embellished the living room temperament, Delicate soft clothes show the small mood of life.