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A brief introduction to how to play

2018-03-24 09:36:00

Traveling is everyone's favorite. Traveling 10,000 miles is better than reading 10,000 books. It is known as the thoroughfare of nine provinces in China. Its capital city has more reputation, simple to know how to travel


Id card, student ID, and of course, RMB


Transportation: All over the country can come by train, there are three railway stations, Hankou Railway station, railway station, railway station, ordinary trains are basically to Hankou or station, high-speed rail bullet train basically to the station, there are a few different, bus station is very much, there is a word, Fujiapo long-distance passenger transport around the go, the passenger station has Fujiapo, Hongji, to travel to Han, certainly not by bus, So do not focus on the introduction, the airport has an airport, in the district, to Hankou airport bus can be.


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Eat, talking about eating, the food street food city star Luo dense, the famous snack street has a road, Hubu lane, the breakfast is the most interesting, people like to eat breakfast called too early, the variety of the same, the variety of more than your imagination

Matters needing attention

Big, make good preparation before coming