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A detailed explanation of Singapore's immigration methods

2018-03-16 01:36:15

Singapore has long promoted a free economic system, and welcomes entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world to settle in Singapore, and the conditions for accepting new immigrants are getting wider and wider. Similarly, due to the fact that Singapore is a bi-lingual country, the Chinese make up the vast majority of its population, and China is geographically closer than Europe and the United States, an increasing number of Chinese people regard Singapore as an ideal place to emigrate. There are five ways to move to Singapore.


There are originally two types of investment allowed by investment immigration in Singapore: the first is for investors to invest SGD 2.5 million into the Singapore Economic Development Board Fund for five years. Second: Investors invest S $10 million to participate in the MAS Financing Scheme of Singapore for five years. Investors can apply directly to become Singapore permanent residents. The programme is mainly aimed at global entrepreneurs, with the aim of attracting more entrepreneurs to invest in Singapore. Family members of the investor, including spouses and children under the age of 21, may apply directly to become permanent residents.


Skilled immigrants Singapore welcomes talented people from all over the world to work and settle in Singapore. People with university education or above, professional and technical talents can apply to become permanent residents of Singapore. First, you need to be employed locally and obtain an Employment Pass (EP). The permit holder can submit a permanent resident application to the Immigration Department and become a permanent resident (PR) upon approval. It usually takes 3-6 months from application to approval.


According to the relevant regulations of Singapore, foreigners who are married to Singapore citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply for permanent resident status, but the Immigration Department will review and approve it on a case-by-case basis. It should be pointed out that in recent years, people who fraudulently obtained permanent resident status by fake marriage have been prosecuted and their permanent resident status has been cancelled.


Special immigration Overseas artistic talents (art, photography, dance, music, theatre, literature, film, etc.) are assessed by the Singapore National Arts Council and can apply to the Immigration Department for permanent resident status on recommendation. Applicants are required to submit detailed biographical information and supporting materials (photo album, newspaper reports, etc.).


Self-employed immigrants employ themselves for the purpose of immigration. An applicant may first register a business and then apply for an employment or entrepreneurship pass in the capacity of a director, or apply in the name of a business establishment and then register after approving the application for an entrepreneurship Pass. 6 months after obtaining the permit, you can apply for permanent residence.

The rights of Singapore permanent residents

1) Application for rental or purchase of HOS flats (purchase is limited to spouses); 2) The children enjoy the same educational treatment as the children of citizens; 3) Spouses and children under the age of 21 can directly apply to become permanent residents; You can apply for Singapore citizenship if you have been a permanent resident for at least two years and have lived in Singapore for at least one of the two years.