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A few must-eat dishes for Valentine's Day parties

2018-03-25 16:00:15

February 14, a day that many people are happy to look forward to. On this day, the gods and goddesses will receive many gifts, such as flowers, cakes, watches, corsages, chocolates, silk scarves and so on. So, today, I would like to give some dietary advice to male and female friends who go on a date, because he is strong and powerful, will make female friends happier.


First course: Fried shrimps with leeks 250g, fresh shrimp 400g, salt, scallions, ginger, rice wine, vegetable oil appropriate amount. Efficacy: Tonifying kidney and strengthening Yang


First dish: Dry roasted green beans 350g green beans, pork mince 50g. Broad bean paste, ginger, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil in appropriate amount. Efficacy: Tonifying kidney and strengthening Yang


The third course: Mutton congee fresh mutton 100g, rice 100g, salt, ginger, onion amount. Efficacy: warm and tonifying.


The fourth course: Black sesame Zhen - strong kidney calcium pill to eat 3- 5, the spirit is energetic. Efficacy: A small black seed, with strong vitality, not only calcium can also strengthen the kidney, black hair. Fine.


A dish suitable for the goddess: White fungus and lily congee 30g, lily lily 30g, rice 50g. Efficacy: Nourishing Yin, nourishing kidney and calming seeds


Of course, the fruit after the meal can not be less: strawberry effect: supplement vitamins and minerals, there is a lot of water, girls love to eat, the more eat the skin the better.

Matters needing attention

I suggest you pair it with your own favorites. Sincerely wish you a dream come true on Valentine's Day and move forward smoothly.