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A little experience in getting a driver's license

2018-03-24 00:00:54

Get a certificate soon to share with you, how to choose a driving school


To learn to drive locally, you need to know a lot of people


Not deep households need a residence permit or have registered their residence information locally for 180 days


1, the price (whether the charge is transparent) The price can decide which driving school we choose! Most people will choose which is cheap, not to say that cheap there is no good goods, but good goods are certainly not cheap. I am in Guangcheng car school name, off-site fast class, at that time also feel the price is high, worried about being cheated, there is no "low quality" driving school, the cost of driving school, site costs, etc., is so much, is fixed. If they're going to cut costs, they're going to recoup them somewhere else. Driving school owners are not stupid, he will not do a loss of business. So, please don't be cheap! When we go to a driving school to ask whether there are other fees halfway, ask them to make it clear at one time, do not believe the word "all-inclusive", listen to my friend said that the driving school originally said that 5400 all-inclusive, the result of the middle course two failed and charged 500 remedial training fees, so the choice of driving school to ask in advance what the cost contains. Moreover, when we compare prices, we must have a premise, that is, products, services, etc. are the same in order to compare. The cost of learning to drive is different in each area, and the ones outside the pass will be relatively low, but basically they are in the shape of six or seven thousand, and everyone is thinking about it when choosing a driving school.


2, the coach is to learn from the coach, the coach is very important, in the whole process of learning to drive, the coach is the person who has the longest contact with you. Some people go directly to the coach's good temper and high quality of teaching. So how do you judge a good coach? This requires you to find out how the coach's reputation. Mainly character, pass rate, temper, etc. You can go to the training ground to investigate, carefully observe which coach will swear, will often be lazy, such as getting off to play, smoking with cigarettes, etc., in or directly ask the students to learn the evaluation of the coach, this is the most effective and most direct way.


3, the time to get the license is the implementation of person-car ratio, a car of 70 people, there are nearly 6,000 coaching vehicles, but there are about 400,000 students, more people and less cars, and now the local car can be out of the serial number for about a month, it is a very fast speed. There is also a relatively small number of places that can receive examinations, and the number of examinations that can be received every day is too small. So if you are not in a hurry, you can learn to drive locally, and if you want to learn to drive quickly, you can go to different places.

Matters needing attention

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