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About the solution of the overuse of Skylink users

2018-04-18 17:36:26

Because Tianlian uses charges according to the number of LAN, the actual number of customers is often greater than the number of purchase points, for example, to buy 3 users, but many users in the same LAN are in use, which is also OK, but may occur abnormal billing, resulting in the number of users exceeding. The following two kinds of errors are typical, the number of users exceed the error, please pay attention to: error 1: Tianlian just landed, prompting landing success, and then immediately prompt "this user landed in other places" error 2: Solution: If you determine that the actual number of landing points does not exceed the number of purchased users, then please solve according to the following aspects: Because the current billing mode of Tianlian is charged according to the number of LAN, so some users, purchased 2 users, then if he lands in the third place and does not quit, then it occupies a site, so if this problem occurs, let your colleagues quit, if there is no login, then the solution is very simple. 1, with the customer's Tianlian group name and the corresponding group password login group background 2, click the online monitoring list, see the network number, if the network number is empty and shown in red, there is nothing, it indicates that the computer corresponding to this account may have a problem (may be a double network card) This computer occupies a site by itself, if not a double network card, Then please uninstall the old client program, install the latest 2.9.03 official website, if it is still beyond then enter the group background, modify the passwords of all users inside, after the modification of each account in your computer once again, the purpose of doing this is to log in to the day link account are kicked off, and then notify users to log in their own account one by one, do not log in.