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ABS glue for ABS plastic

2018-04-09 22:24:07

ABS plastic is one of the most used in all plastics, so many plastic products, in the process of using products, in the use of plastic glue. But what is the best adhesive for these plastics? Under normal circumstances, we use what kind of plastic to glue, and ABS plastic is glued with ABS plastic special glue. ABS plastic bonding glue has the advantages of easy to use, fast positioning, high bonding strength, and non-toxic curing material. Waterproof, heat resistant, cold resistant, oil resistant, corrosion resistant and ABS engineering plastics, ABS special glue is the best adhesive for bonding ABS and AS plastics at present. ABS plastic bonding glue is widely used in crafts, toys, electronic products plastic shell, fishing gear, fishing bait and other ABS, AS engineering plastics bonding and repair. 1. Apply glue on one or both sides of the dry oil-free bonding surface, glue immediately (not allowed to glue after drying), and press to make it close contact. 2, ABS plastic bonding special glue can be positioned in 5 minutes, 2-3 hours have considerable strength, 24 hours after the maximum strength. [Notes] ABS plastic bonding glue such as the viscosity of the glue is too high, can be diluted by ethyl acetate, acetone.