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Accessories selection of 5 small tricks

2018-04-20 22:24:09

According to the survey, 30% of vehicle failures are caused by consumers' bad driving habits, and 70% are caused by problems with the quality of auto parts and assembly technology. Among them, the use of fake and shoddy parts caused vehicle damage accounted for most of the situation. Due to the chaos of the auto parts market, the parts are shoddy, so that people are difficult to distinguish between true and false, a little careless in the maintenance and repair of the car will encounter fake and shoddy products, the loss of some money is small, and it is harmful to our own driving safety, causing traffic accidents. At present, fake and shoddy products are increasing the trend, easy to buy auto parts suppliers in small enough to buy auto parts must pay attention to its quality, master not cheap, observe the packaging, choose the "original", visual appearance, look at the material these few tips, to help you in the purchase of auto parts process away from fake and shoddy products.


1, in the purchase should pay attention to the packaging in general, authentic products on the outer packaging box handwriting is clear, overprint accurate, bright color, marked with product name, specifications, models, quantities, registered trademarks, addresses and so on, there are certificates and inspectors, some important components such as distributor, fuel injection pump, etc., but also with instructions. And many fake packaging printing is very rough, there is no instruction manual. Authentic product printing for unified standard specifications, handwriting clear and regular; And fake and inferior products can always find flaws in the packaging.


2, the visual appearance of some of the original parts of the surface specified a certain color, if the appearance is other colors are mostly fake and shoddy products. Some illegal businessmen will be the waste parts through simple processing, disassembly patchwork, paint packaging after the sale of qualified products, illegally obtain high profits, and these parts from the appearance of the paint or performance inspection can identify the authenticity. Look at the appearance: the trademark logo is complete and clear. Compared with distorted accessories, the outer packaging quality of regular products and the printing effect of pattern fonts are better, and some important components such as carburetors, distributors, machines, etc., are generally accompanied by instructions and certificates. Accessories with nameless and registered trademarks are the key to judging authenticity.


3, look closely at the material to see whether the parts themselves have defects, such as rust, aging, cracking, deformation, etc., workmanship quality, material quality is also very important. Looking at the parts alone is not easy to see the workmanship and material quality, it is best to compare it with the original car parts.


4, select the "original" vehicle if the key parts fail, you should go to the designated auto parts or repair station to buy original parts; The fake and shoddy parts that are not originally assembled are often easy to cause damage to the vehicle body.


5, not cheap in the auto parts industry, the price of fake goods is usually several times cheaper than the real thing, of course, this is the price of the difference in quality. Therefore, it is best to pay attention to the price of commonly used modified parts, if the price of the product is found to be too different from the price in the impression, it is necessary to be vigilant. Be sure to find out whether low-price products are normal discounts, price cuts, or fake fish in troubled waters.