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Accommodation guide

2018-04-30 16:00:00

The accommodation is very convenient, can live in the side of the Tuojiang stilt house, where you can appreciate the real style, the price is generally 50-100 yuan. The accommodation is very convenient, and the travel price ranges from 20-100 yuan/night. Can live in the side of the Tuojiang stilt house, where you can experience the real style. The price is usually 10-50 yuan. (Depending on peak season)

Accommodation recommendation

International Youth Hostel (Nest) recommended reasons: a "why fat banquet old donkey, do not have to fragrant car to meet beauty - all the boss" lintel couplet is very attractive, walk up along the wooden stairs, the corridor on the second floor is facing the Wanming Tower, in the evening there is the sun slanting over, the whole will be enveloped in warm and soft light. Address: No. 11 Tuojiang Town (next to Hongguan Gate) Price: Multiple room 20 yuan/bed; Standard room 80 yuan/day


Tuojiang family Inn recommended reasons: The most famous inn on the Internet, separated from Huang Yongyu's studio wall, the inn itself is a stilt building, the room is clean and tidy here there is a good Angle to photograph Hongqiao, pavilion and so on. Address: Huilongge No. 13, Jiacui Building, downstream of Hongqiao. Price: Normal room 30 ~ 50 yuan/bed.


Xiaoqiao Water family Inn recommended reasons: Close to Shen Congwen's former residence, excellent vision, west by the south gate tower, south by the small bridge water, very poetic, the biggest advantage is the spacious atmosphere of the rooms, a total of 60 beds, and the attic pattern is very good. Address: County Nanmentuo No. 36 (Shen Congwen's former residence) Price: luxury double standard room: 150 luxury honeymoon room: 180 luxury triple room: 200 Tips: This inn is suitable for donkeys.


Snail Station recommended reasons: Warm living room book bar, tatami bed, Japanese sake wine set, blue and white porcelain wash basin, everywhere reveals the taste of petty bourgeoisie. There is a grape shed in the small courtyard, a small chair, you can read, chat, let the noisy city mood calm down. Address: Lao Ying Shao Street, Jishou City, Province: Ordinary double room 80-100 yuan/Linjiang big bed room 120-150 yuan/room


NICE small hotel Address: Province County Huilongge 133 Price: theme room 128-168 yuan/recommended reason: NICE small hotel in Huilongge, is a quiet place. Behind it is green water, streams, and birds. 8 special theme rooms, exquisite and beautiful, can not only experience the comfort and privacy of star-rated wine, luxurious independent bathroom, uninterrupted hot water, WIFI, air conditioning and LCD digital TV; You can also enjoy a variety of different Spaces, such as book bar, restaurant entertainment room, river view courtyard, mountain terrace.


Shuiyun Inn Address: Province Zhou County Tuojiang Town Laoying Sentinel 30 Price: standard room 108 yuan/Recommended reason: The inn is located in the Tuojiang River bar street, and North gate tower across the river. Renovated in early 2010, there is a large patio with an area of about 40 square meters, where friends can drink tea and chat while watching the river view. The owner of the inn is two old classmates with deep friendship, interests and hobbies are similar, and the character is very refreshing!


Chaoge Inn Address: Provincial county Tuojiang Town Tangjia Lane 2 Price: Constellation theme room 108-148 yuan/recommended reasons: Chaoge Inn is located in the Tuojiang side bar street, go out is the scenery, the hotel decoration is very simple and very simple, but the color is pleasing to the eye, no exaggeration to say that the guests are shoes, we are the size, can be suitable for all kinds of people to live.


Encounter Inn Address: No.5 Tangjia Lane, Laoying Shao Street, Jishou City, Province Price: All kinds of theme rooms 110-120 yuan/room recommendation: Encounter each room all use IKEA household items, designed to give friends who travel outside a comfortable sleeping environment. Each room is an independent theme color system, each room can give you a different experience, round your dream of a home.

Matters needing attention

1, inn: Divided into Linjiang inn and non-Linjiang inn recommended index five star inn is a small feature of tourism; Inns are divided into Linjiang inns and non-Linjiang inns. Accommodation is actually based on inns and general hotels, the number of more than 200-300! The location of the inn is in the district, and relatively sanitary! Of course, relatively speaking, the price of the inn is also slightly more expensive than the price of the general hotel! And the inn is relatively safe! A, Linjiang Inn, Linjiang Inn is divided into stilted buildings and general Linjiang Inn; Generally, we do not recommend lodging in stilted buildings (reasons: small space, high price, noisy surroundings); Although the scenery is good, but personally feel not very recommended! Business network cooperation recommended inn: None! General riverside inn: the general riverside inn is recommended, the location is not very good, either downstream or upstream, as long as it is not too biased, generally more recommended (reason: moderate price, good scenery, relatively quiet)B, non-riverside inn, non-riverside inn is divided into general inn and characteristic inn; The characteristics of the inn is different, generally decorated very characteristic, very atmosphere of the inn, of course, different people have different taste requirements, so it is more recommended; Business network cooperation recommended inn: house full house in the water side of the distant far town pole hall; The general inn is a traditional family inn deduction, the general characteristics are not high price, general environment, quiet, etc., very recommended;


Hotel: generally distributed in the area, to play is not very convenient, but the general price is not expensive recommended index three hotels are more, generally is the first choice for team reception, and like we recommend tourists self-help tour, generally do not recommend tourists to stay in hotels. Hotel to play without a guide is not very convenient, so self-guided tourists have to go a long way to receive to we are not recommended! However, it is not absolute, or depends on the location of the specific hotel;


Wine: Like the city, wine generally refers to the star wine recommendation index of three star wine is not much, the best is four stars, general business travel can choose, and regular self-service tourists are not recommended; Business network recommended wine: None.