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Aden self-help tour guide

2018-04-30 20:48:00

Aden will go to the place at least once in his life, winding streams, golden cypress hills, herds of cattle and sheep such a secret environment, you can not miss the dream of Aden from your world passing Aden, we are coming

Scenic spot

The Milk Sea is the head of the three holy lakes of Aden, and the milky blue water shines in the sun. The lake is clear to the bottom, like a tear in the world.


When climbing to the level above the mountain, remember to look back and see the different scenery of the snow mountain from different angles. The Milk Sea, 4,600 meters above sea level, is the first of the three holy lakes in Aden. Among the mountains that a touch of blue lake inlaid among them, like a royal blue jade, pure beauty.


The Sea of Five colors gets its name from the fact that light refracts and produces five different colors. Located between the two sacred mountains of Senaichi and Yangmaiyong, the sacred lake in the hearts of the locals. The ice valley extends down to the lake, and the snow mountains reflect the lake, presenting fantastic colors. There are many legends.


On board the five color Sea, you have completed the self-challenge of 4,700 meters above sea level. From Hiwa, take the sightseeing bus for 1 hour to Zabanbang, and then walk for 15 minutes to Oko Temple.


Chonggu Temple Chonggu Temple is located at the foot of Senai Snow Peak, the date of the temple has been impossible to verify. Every morning and afternoon, the lamas would incense and chant the sutras, and every time the sound of chanting and tempeh echoed in the silent valley, making it seem more sacred and mysterious.


From Chonggu Temple to Zhen this section of the road is completely uphill, we must do what we can, the walking time is about 1 hour.


Zhenzhen is formed by the melting snow of the sun, and in the dense forest, like an emerald set on the throne, the green waves are rippling. In spring, rhododendrons bloom in full bloom along the lake, and in autumn, layers of trees are dyed, reflecting the colorful world.


Along the trestle road, you can surround the whole week, the distant Sennai day God Mountain is like a beautiful picture.


Xianai Day is 6032 meters above sea level, Aden scenic area of the top of the three major peaks, the snow on the top of the year does not melt, far from the white as holy.


At the top of the mountains, all the sound of silence, alone with heaven and earth to climb to the top of the higher mountain, the three snow peaks of Senai day, Yangmaiyong, Shanodoji, the kind of happiness beyond the limit of self will spontaneously rise.


April, May and September and October are the best times to go to Aden. April to May spring Manshan azalea bloom, sacred mountain snow more than autumn, it is more spectacular and bright. September-october autumn red and yellow, red grass and ten thousand acres of golden poplar trees to make the colorful, snow mountains in the blue sky set off, more fantastic.