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Adult piano beginner course

2018-03-12 04:48:24

Piano learning is slightly more difficult for adults, but after a long time of practice, it is possible to achieve fluency in playing music.


For adults without basic music theory, you can start with the most basic simple score, compared with the staff, simple score is easier to learn, after mastering the basic scale can slowly contact the staff.


Because most of the music is played by both hands, and the piano has a large span, the simple score is not suitable for reading the general music, and the staff can better reflect the position of the sound, and the staff has more diverse symbols for the rhythm.


When playing, start with the most basic scales. Start from do re mi fa so, first with one hand and then with both hands, while experiencing the relationship between the strength and volume of the piano keys.


After mastering the basic scales, you can start with the basic music, and recommend dancing with little stars, dolls and bears.


In addition to the normal single note playing, but also need to master a variety of rhythms, such as sixteenth notes, eighth notes, etc., this is to choose a slightly more difficult song to practice, it is best to choose their own heard, so that you can quickly know whether to play correctly.


Choose your favorite music for practice, you can generally judge the difficulty of the music according to the complexity of the staff. Many songs have easy versions and difficult versions, of course, the difficult version of the music is richer in terms of sound.

Matters needing attention

The piano needs long practice before it can play beautiful music.