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After which series of skin care products to use

2018-03-26 04:48:35

WHOO after the use of the series: WHOO after the basic series, WHOO after the basic series, WHOO after the rate of nutrition, WHOO after the weather Dan series, WHOO after the snow whitening series. 1, WHOO basic series The main effect of this basic series is to supplement skin moisture, adjust the balance of water and oil, water and milk texture is light, with a light fragrance, it is suitable for 20-30 years old women as a basic skin care use, especially suitable for neutral skin and mixed skin use. Use with caution on oily skin. 2, WHOO after the water beauty Moisturizing series The main effect of this water beauty moisturizing series is to hydrate and moisturize, maintain skin elasticity and hydration, it is specially for sensitive muscles and oily skin lotion, when using water moist and not greasy, if you feel that the moisture is not enough can also be used with beauty cream. Suitable for 25-30 years old female use. 3, WHOO after the rate of nutrition series The main effect of this series is based on skin care, supplement skin nutrition and anti-wrinkle anti-aging, its texture is thicker, so it is more suitable for dry skin and dry skin use, it is suitable for women over 30 years old. You can also choose this one if your skin is in desperate need of a nutritional supplement. 4, WHOO post-weather Dan series This weather Dan series is a comprehensive and comprehensive care of skin care products, it has moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, narrow pores, antioxidant balance skin water oil and other functions, basically all skin types are suitable for use, most of the age can use it. 5, WHOO snow whitening series The main effect of this snow whitening series is to whiten the skin, women with colored spots on the face can use it to fade and remove colored spots, it is suitable for oily skin and neutral skin use, most of the age can be used. Note: 1, when buying cosmetics, pay attention to its instructions. Good cosmetics will be marked on the instructions, precautions, use method, net content, shelf life and other information. 2, buy skin care products to smell whether it has a smell, will not pungent. Finally, use it on the back of your hand or behind your ears to see if it is comfortable and allergy-free.