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Agate top 10 brands list

2018-04-04 16:00:28

What brand of agate is better? Agate has a lot of effects, can prevent people from catching a cold, cold, but also can make people feel comfortable. So many people like agate. So what brand of agate is better? Here is a list of the top ten brands of agate, hoping to help you buy agate. 1 Jinyu (currently the only listed jade industry, the largest jade raw material supplier, jade jewelry manufacturer, Jinyu Co., LTD.)2 Qicai (has won the Chinese famous brand, research and development design production and sales as one of the industrial pattern, comprehensive tourism enterprises, Qicai Industrial Co., LTD.)3 Chuanshi jade (committed to Belgium high-quality cut Diamond and jade promotion, high-end jade brand, the world's first into space jade brand, Tongling Tsui Diamond Co., LTD. 4 Jade Jade Villa (R & D/processing/production/sales as one of the large jewelry enterprises, the International Palladium Association designated supplier, City Yuehao Jewelry Co., LTD.)5 Jian Xingli (in 1992 Hong Kong, to the main by Ying jade jewelry international large-scale jewelry, the world's high-end jade industry famous brand, city Jian Xingli Jewelry Co., LTD.)6 Zhaoyi Cuiwu (set high-end jade raw materials import/processing/design/retail as one of the large enterprises, ten jade brands, Zhaoyi Xintiandi () jewelry Co., LTD.)7 Lao Fengxiang (started in 1848, has won the Chinese famous brand, China famous trademark, large jewelry enterprises, top ten jade brands, Top 500 Asian brands, Lao Fengxiang Co., LTD. 8 Caibai BAI(China famous trademark, China famous brand products, the industry's most influential brand, specializing in jewelry production enterprises, Caishikou department store shares)9 Yue Wang Jovan(set upstream diamond trade/beads Baohualou design/R & D/production/sales integrated service provider, China famous trademark, provincial time-honored brand, Yue Wang Jewelry limited)10 Hualou (China famous trademark, famous brand, one of the largest comprehensive gold jewelry in Northeast China, Hualou Gold jewelry limited)