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All the names of One Piece characters

2018-02-17 01:36:00

1, Captain: Monchi D. Luffy "Straw hat boy" Monchi D. Luffy [reward 300 million Bailey] The protagonist of the Japanese manga "Nautical King", the straw hat Pirates group, the straw hat ship group captain, one of the most evil generations. One and a half billion belies for rubber fruit abilities. The dream is to find One Piece of the legend and become One Piece. He is positive and optimistic, loves and hates clearly and attaches great importance to his partners, unwilling to be subordinate to others, and is super interested in any dangerous things. Unlike other traditional sea thieves, he does not kill for no reason in pursuit of wealth, but enjoys the adventure and freedom of being a sea thief. 2, swordsman: Roloa Soron --Roronoa Zoro -- "Thief hunter" Soron [reward money 120 million Peli] Roronoa Zoro is a character in the popular Japanese anime "One Piece". The straw hat vice captain and swordsman, green hair, three yellow dewdrop earrings in his left ear, a green belly band, three knives on his belt, and a black turban tied to his left arm. Self-proclaimed three knife flow swordsman, always keep a cool head and swordsman's unique vigilance, strong-willed, hard exercise, usually like to sleep, road crazy. When I was a child, I had to die friend Guina agreed to become the world's No. 1 sword, in the duel with one of the seven Wuhai, the world's No. 1 sword hawk-eye Mihawk was cut in the chest with a big knife, after losing, to Lufei swore an oath, never lose again, since then, the scar on the chest has become a sign of invinciblity. 3, Chef: Sanji (Kanyoshi)-- Sanji -- "Black foot" Sanji [reward 77 million Bailey] Sanji, a character in the Japanese manga "Nautical King" and derivative works. Straw hat A gang of cooks, blond hair, a guy with curly eyebrows that never covers half his face, a cigarette chain-smoker, a lover of women, very womanly but very personable, a gentleman among thieves. Learned to cook from Redfoot Jerp when I was a kid. The Navy called her "black foot" for her fast, accurate kicking skills, but she was never willing to hurt any woman, even the enemy. After the first World War, the island of Judi was also the subject of a bounty, with the first bounty of 77 million berri (but the wanted poster was painted). The dream is to find the legendary sea All Blue and follow Luffy into the great voyage. The third son of the Winsmock family. 4, sniper: Usopp (deceiving cloth) --Usopp -- "Sniper king" Sniper king (Usopp) [reward 30 million pele] Usopp (ウソップ, Usopp) is a character in the popular Japanese manga "One Piece". Straw hat Thief sniper, characterized by wearing sniper goggles, light brown turban, long nose. When I was young, I was a famous braggart, and several children in the village formed the "Usopp Sea Thieves Group", claiming to be Captain Usopp. After discovering Captain Crowe's plot, he is determined to protect the people of the village and fight alongside Luffy. In the choice of the Meli, and Luffy play a big game, the Justice Island war, in order to participate in the rescue of his companion Nicole Robin, put down self-esteem, wear the funny mask, alias "sniper king", the flag of the world on fire, let the other party try to his sniper terror. After the First World War, Jiji Island also became a reward object, and the dream was to become a brave sea soldier. 5, Navigator: Nami (Nami) --Nami -- "Little thief cat" Nami [reward 16 million Bailey] 6, ship doctor: Tony Tony Chopper -- "Favorite pet with marshmallows" Tony Tony Chopper (50 Baileys) Nami (ナミ, Nami), the main character in the Japanese manga ONE PIEE. The sailor of the Straw hat Thief group, the second partner of the protagonist Luffy. It is characterized by short orange hair (wavy after two years) and a tattoo on the left shoulder (windmill and orange pattern). Using club skills, the weapon is now the Magic Weather Stick. Proficient in meteorology and navigation, good at stealing, deception, negotiation and threat and intimidation, intelligent and clever, with the body to sense the weather, perfect navigation directions, is a talented navigator who can draw accurate nautical charts. In essence, she is a careful, kind, emotional, hateful, strong and capable woman. My favorite things are money and oranges, and my dream is to draw a map of the whole world. 7, Archaeologist: Nicole Robin --Nico Robin -- "Devil's son" Nicole Robin [reward of 80 million Bailey] Nicole Robin. Characters from the Japanese manga One Piece and its spin-offs. Straw hat group of archaeologists, born in the west Sea archeological island "O 'Hara", at the age of 8 years old was offered a reward of ten million O 'Hara survivors. A demon fruit with the "flower fruit" ability, the ability to make any part of the body bloom like a flower on any physical object in sight for attack or other purposes. The goal is to find the true text of history and never forgive those who trample on historical artifacts. 8, Cutter: Franky --Cutter Franky -- "Artificial man" Franky [reward money 44 million Bailey] Franky, (original name: Carter Franky) is a Japanese comic book "One Piece" character. Straw hat thief group shipbuilder, unrestrained character, like singing, dancing strange, like to wear only a pair of shorts. As a reformer, Frankie has all kinds of weapons hidden in his body. In the process of being caught by CP9 into the judicial island, French was moved by the spirit of Luffy they saved Robin, and stood on the side of Luffy without turning back. After the Justice Island incident, Franchi built a dream ship with the material of the Treasure tree Adam, named Sonny (that is, the Sunshine), and presented it to the Straw Hat Thieves. He later joined the Straw Hat Thieves at Luffy's invitation. Franchi originally wanted to build the ship of his dreams, but when Sonny was finished, he just wanted to see his ship reach the end of the world. Further information: The TV anime "The Sailor King" is based on Eiichiro Oda's long juvenile manga of the same name, produced by Toei Animation, and premiered on Fuji TV on October 20, 1999. In Mainland China, it is updated exclusively after 12:00 every Sunday.