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All those years of novels

2018-04-01 17:36:29

1 "Ten years a product warm as words" When everything began, we in the future, put it crown, the past. She said, my past is the same as yours. From a person, and then return to a person's destiny. Only, leaving a tooth mark that can not be eliminated, eating in the larynx, another inch deep, fatal. This is their story, a love, two light turn time, who is right and who is wrong, but, ha ha smile. Ten years of smoke, wake up, rub your eyes, young here, which has been warm as words 2 [he knows from which direction the wind comes] "Who is outside?" "The wind? "Which way?" "Open the door, and the south wind blows; If you don't open the door, the west wind will blow." 3 [Hua Xuyin] If you use life for a past perfect fantasy, can you agree? For some people, the collapse of the world only needs so a word, but the painful reality, unbearable pain, it is better to just ask for a complete dream. To life easy dream, sigh a play, after Huang Liang, there is still geometry? Hua Xu a quote, chaos into ruin. 4 [Seven Nights of pet] Seven days of love, she is tired. He doted on her like never before. Later generations called her - Seven nights of pet. 5 [Theft] She is one of the most famous thieves in the 21st century, she is the enduring myth of the car king on the black market, she is a woman in general, chic to come and go, happy life. He is one of the most powerful men in the underworld, he is an immortal legend of the Dark Empire, ruthless and ruthless. A piece of jade, the fate of two people from entangled. She did not remember who she was, only that he was the first person she saw when she woke up, but she knew that he hated her, because the disgust in his eyes was so obvious, so she obediently hid from him, even under the same roof, and tried not to let him see herself. A car accident, he picked up a small white rabbit, he hates the weak, for the small white rabbit like her, of course, the same hate, but things seem to be a little unexpected, this small white rabbit actually... As if... Not afraid of him? 7 "Only love evil father Emperor" she, people feared the underworld organization "shadow die" of the Lord, reborn in the stars mainland, become the most favored six princess of the dark country, smart and cunning, indifferent, lazy and charming, calm and wise, cold and cruel, many faces, destined she will attract many men. He, the Emperor of the dark Kingdom of Heaven, cold evil charm, or a small baby of her side, is a moment of curiosity, or already moved? 8 "About Love" may be a casual play at the beginning, but with the continuous deepening of entanglement, whether unwilling or disdain, the true and false blurred the line of sight. What is the feeling between the advent, those who have experienced the joys and sorrows, is about love. 9 "Warm Strings" once the beginning, once the end and then the reunion, and then the love and hate interwoven he used all his efforts to lure her into a net because, he once pointed at her vowed to let her automatically conscious, he returned to his side, however, in the end, she still let him down again and again he personally pushed her into the airport gate to ask her to go, Ask her from now on to let him a way to live once the wrong decision, once the regret of helpless and then the effort, and then the near love timid [2]10 "Road from tonight white" time flies, he and she have graduated for several years, but about their story, but always in G University campus quietly spread, cut the night sky, through time. There are many different versions. However, one thing can be examined is that she was ordinary when he was called the genius of the fine arts department, and he, but with emotion, almost died in the fire for her, and gave up the opportunity to sponsor foreign studies for her. A few years later, a narrow path to meet, his career success, hand in hand with new love, smile at the world. She also laughed the clouds light wind clear. However, no one knows that the dew has been white since the night of separation, and her thoughts have already been flooded at that time...... 11 [Reborn Destiny: My gentle tyrant] He is the most ingenious and wise, resolute and ruthless king in the legend of the West Liang country. According to legend, he once let a woman three thousand love a set, envy the world; Legend has it that he once killed a hundred people in one night for her and turned the palace into purgatory; According to legend, he eventually beheaded her in half... He had only one child, whose mother is unknown. Could it be the woman who gave birth to him? Did she really die like that? Is she the one at the top of Wang's heart, or is she just a chess game in his politics all along? Later legends abound. 12 "You gave birth to me already old." You born me not born, I born you are old, you hate me born late, I hate you born early; You born me not born, I born you are old, hate not born at the same time, every day and you good; I was born king not born, you were born I am old, I leave you; You are separated from my cape, I was born to you, you were born to me is old; Butterfly to find flowers, night dwelling grass.