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Amazon List TOP1 book collection! A good book to read through the night

2018-03-13 03:12:00

Body and soul, always have one on the road! This Amazon bestselling book is recommended for everyone to give the soul the strength to move forward firmly in the journey of life


The book is about a grocery store on a quiet street, and the five chapters of the work use very different perspectives to tell five stories across time. As long as they write down their troubles and drop them into the letter slot at the rolling door of the front door, they will get their answers in the milk crate in the back the next day, they will write their puzzles into letters and drop them in the groceries, and wonderful things will keep happening. It is also in this book that the reader can see the light of life, as long as you have the light in your heart, it will guide you. END

The Ferryman

Claire has a clever grasp of the structure of the plot, which makes the reader wait to see what happens next, feel the pull of the hand in the book between the words, and the courage of Dylan who risks death to find Tristan, the ferryman who has become part of her life. There is a ferryman in everyone's heart, who silently guides you across this wasteland. END

So Slow, So Beautiful

This book tells about the author's life in Sweden, and describes the life in the Nordic countries as extremely beautiful, very free and yearning, and the words reveal her deep love for life and herself. Through this book, I learned that high welfare does not support lazy people, and everyone understands that only through their own hard work and paying taxes on time can they enjoy a quality life. Good life attitude and life concept, let us be a love life understand life and love their own people. END