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Amazon marketing method

2018-03-16 17:36:36

Now more and more people do cross-border e-commerce, and foreign platforms are also recognized by many people, what kind of method do we use on such a platform to make a shop, what kind of method to marketing?


Advertising plan. Every platform has its own advertising system, as a large platform is no exception, we can establish their own advertising plan, so that their advantages of products in the target audience to promote, through the optimization of advertising plan to attract more accurate traffic, so as to make better performance.


Email promotion. We can import the emails of transaction customers into our own data. We design email templates and then send them to the email boxes of these customers once a month or once a week, so that old customers can generate new value.


Second kill event. This is also a good activity of the platform, we can choose some attractive goods to kill, so as to attract a lot of popularity in a short time to enter the shop, and the sales of other products will also go up.


The natural ranking. The optimization of the shop itself can not be given up, we set the title, so that their goods can appear in some precise keyword results page, so as to bring natural traffic to the shop.


Discount code. The platform has a function such as discount code, we can find several products to participate in this discount code activity, these products will have more opportunities to display, many customers concerned about the cost of a discount code will come to the shop because of such a discount code, the increase of orders is inevitable.


Prize Draw. A lottery can be held to allow customers to participate in the shop, or to allow old customers to participate in shopping, and attract a lot of popularity through this reward.


Off-site traffic. You can release your own shop to many publicity platforms, so that more people from outside the station to their own shop, and then convert these traffic into orders, to make better sales results.