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American shopping tips

2018-02-28 14:24:00



The photos of the United States have not been sorted yet... Let's start with a shopping tip. Because of the group tour, shopping time is not so abundant. East and West Coast Hawaii 14-day trip, the main shopping spots are 3 places. Friends of the same trip can come in and have a look. 1. When visiting Niagara Falls, get a discount at Outlet brands near Buffalo. This one mainly buys coaches. Located in the innermost passage, it's large and easy to find. There's a burberry next door. But burberry is not a lot of things, the price is not low. No coach is affordable. There seems to be a kate spade across from Coach that also sells bags, you can also have a look. It seems to be the opposite direction, there is a glass, there are ray bans, like can enter. In the outermost aisle there's Reebok, Adidas, Nike. However, the discount of Reebok is not as big as that of Bastogne. If you like it, you can buy it in Bastogne. It is more appropriate to buy Coach in this house, because shopping in the United States and Europe are not the same, there are tax rebates in Europe, and the United States can only be exempt from tax, other not only not exempt, but also increase taxes. And tax rates vary from state to state. Compared with the two Ole in Buffalo and Stone, the tax rate in Buffalo is slightly lower. And on the day we went, there were not many people, so it was easier to pick and buy, and there was no queue at the checkout. But Bastogne has a Chinese shopping guide, so it might be easier to ask. But it was really crowded. Coach each person limit to buy 5 pieces, as long as it is in the things, large and small pieces are counted as a piece, this is need to pay attention to. In addition, it should be noted that coach is divided into original price and work, and there are some differences in style. At coach on Fifth Avenue in New York, the airport is duty-free, and it's all the original price. The ones in there, I'm sure they're new for the season, but there's not much discount. The price of women's bags is basically 398,498 US dollars, and after tax, the discount is about 3000-4000 yuan. The wallet is about one thousand yuan. Olai is basically a worker, when we go, into the direct discount of 70%, optimistic about which, you can find a shopping guide to ask the price, shopping guides are holding a calculator in their hands, calculate the calculator directly to know. The price of a bag is basically between 1000-2000 yuan, and wallets and handbags are between 300-800 yuan. There are also men's, but there are still many women's styles. And some clothes, shoes, scarves, glasses, key chains.