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An effective treatment for hair loss

2018-04-23 06:24:02

A lot of hair loss is a lot of girls are very upset and heartache. So how can you effectively treat hair loss? What are the effective ways to treat hair loss? This experience will give you detailed tips and methods for preventing hair loss in daily life.


To maintain your hair and prevent hair loss, smile more often. As the saying goes, "A smile makes ten years younger." A large number of hair loss is generally related to people's mental state, long-term tension, depression, irritability, anxiety, hair is easy to fall off. Laughing loudly can not only help us relieve bad emotions, but also help us release the pressure in our hearts in time.


Pay attention to ensure the nutritional health of the diet. Many experienced old doctors can judge the nutritional status of patients from the hair, and can witness the relationship between hair and nutrition. So to keep your hair nutritious and healthy, do not lose the fat hair to eat what is good? Based on years of experience in hair care, we recommend: black sesame (eat raw or fried), soy (you can drink soy milk instead), grapes or raisins.


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Pay attention to the daily care of hair. When washing hair, try to choose a stimulating shampoo, do not choose a fragrance, generally with the fragrance effect of the light of the addition of chemical agents, will damage the hair follicle, resulting in inflammation of the hair follicle, causing large hair loss.


Nourish your hair regularly. Hair also oxidizes when exposed to air for a long time. So we have to go to a professional barber regularly to nourish our hair. Ensure the toughness and strength of the hair, so that it is difficult to detach from our scalp.


In hazy weather, remember to wear a headscarf or hat when going out to protect your hair from harmful substances in the haze. If the haze is very serious for several days in a row, then be sure to wash your hair frequently. When washing hair, ensure that the water temperature is appropriate, not too hot or too cold, to prevent irritation of the scalp, causing hair loss.