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Analysis of King Glory Ne Zha

2018-04-22 19:12:52

In the game of King Glory, there are many players who do not understand how to play Nezha, so today Xiaobian is here to share a little of my experience, hoping to help you.


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One ability - Fire Three-Pointed Gun: Release this ability, Nezha deals physical damage to surrounding people, and each hit person will trigger a Hot wheel, each layer of Hot wheel will increase Nezha's own speed, can be stacked up to five layers.


2 Skills - Sunling Beam: Nezha releases skills to the specified target, quickly jumps behind the target, and each person hit will trigger a Hot Wheel, which can be released again in a short time, and the release of skills will trigger the seal of Fire lotus, and get damage reduction for a short time.


Three skills - Heaven and Earth: Nezha gets all enemy heroes and interrupts their return to the city effect, then can selectively fly to the target, cause physical damage and repel the target, land to stimulate the fire of the flower, release the fire of the surrounding enemies once per second, and increase their toughness, release the skill again during the flight will immediately land.


Because Nezha does not have the ability to escape in the early stage, so try not to be consumed by the enemy on the line, should be under the obscene tower, relying on two skills and passive clearing soldiers to ensure their own development


After the fourth level, you can use the big move for effective support, so you need to pay more attention to the small map, the dynamics of both sides, and in the middle of the process, you can deal with the soldier line, and even take 41 points to push the tactic, forcing the enemy to separate hands to deal with the soldier line, and at this time you can force the tyrant to dominate, Nezha use the big move to support, creating a situation in which more plays less.


Nezha is a very good support on the single hero, and Nezha's passive and can very well restrain the recovery type of hero, and in the group battle, its own big move directional cut, and can be a good division of the battlefield, but also pay attention to their teammates position, to avoid the lone into the enemy formation.


Above is the way that Xiaobian brings you Nezha in the Glory of Kings. I hope you can like it. If you like it, you can click "Like" and you can also express your opinion.