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And try the world abundance Chang outcome

2018-03-25 20:48:56

Feng Chang's last destiny was to inherit the throne. After the defeat of Fengju, Fenglanxi became the recognized candidate for the throne and competed with the emperor. Feng Chang in "And Try the World" looks Yin and ruthless on the surface, but it is his disguise, although he is, but no one is optimistic about him, his father does not love his mother, his status is not as good as Fenglanxi and Fengju, if he is not ruthless how can he survive. But he is also a grateful person, the first queen gave him a lot of care, and he grew up with Feng LAN Shi, so he has always been a good brother who cares for Feng LAN Shi, even if LAN Shi has a lot of things hidden from him, he has always helped the younger brother, whenever Feng LAN Shi is in trouble, he is the first to stop in front, which is his only family now. Related content: In the original, Feng Lanxi's father, Feng Wang Qianeng, has ten daughters and fourteen sons, and Feng Lanxi is not the second, but the twelfth. After that, he was deeply loved by King Feng and had four sons who sprout four sons Feng Malaccensis, five sons Fengju, six sons ting and seven sons Ji-ng, and two daughters: seven princesses and nine princesses. As the leading man, Feng Lanqi certainly can't be a bad guy. And Fenglan interest do not deal with Feng malaccensis, Feng Ju, Feng Jiang, Feng Tang want to be a good man is also difficult. Due to the failure of the palace fight, the four men were eventually stabbed to death by the king of Feng, along with the second son Feng Wikstroya (rao) and the elder son Feng Gentian. In the TV series, 100's is not the Feng malaccensis broken legs by Fenglan information, but the Feng Chang who does not do personnel. The scriptwriter gave Feng Yangda the identity of his Royal Highness, so that Fenglanxi became two Royal Highness, and Fengju directly became three Royal Highness. Baili is a double standard party, the Feng Yang did not ask about, one heart to hold Fengju on the throne. Feng Yang has been a mad man, and he has been kind to Feng LAN his half-mother.