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Answers to frequently asked questions about Siberian tigers

2018-03-21 06:24:15

For a long time to do the novice guidance, basically the game common problems have encountered the following to sort out and answer.


1, the previous level is stuck, there is no task to do, can not attack the next level copy? Answer: Repeatedly attack the beaten copy, the imperial city inside the official position, upgrade the building, purchase exp copy, world War can gain experience.


2, the general idle can not automatically recruit soldiers? A: Check the food situation, replenish the food, click the general at the bottom of the screen, then select the free general, and manually click a recruitment there on the lower right.


3. How to get a recruitment order? A: Daily landing according to the vip level system has sent 20 or 30 free recruitment orders, the market purchase, open the merit list box to obtain. Boxes are also available for the weekend siege box drive.


4. What if we run out of food? Answer: Through sacrificial food, the market to buy food, open the merit list box to get. Boxes are also available for the weekend siege box drive. Or wait for the fields to produce.


5, how to recharge? Answer: By clicking on the top left of the game screen, and then choose recharge, there will be a variety of recharge methods to choose one of their most convenient way.


6, how to quickly upgrade? Answer: Go to the world and fight national wars. Open the fog, waste food. Buy exp copy. Food is experience.


7, how to obtain the general? Which generals are better? A: To achieve a certain level to defeat the corresponding copy to complete the corresponding task can be obtained, to provide recruitment of the generals can be clicked in the upper right corner of the bar to view the question mark. Martial arts match to see personal preferences, you can also choose according to the level of the acquisition, the more behind the acquisition of martial arts basically better.


8, What equipment skills to choose? Answer: To reach the corresponding level, go to the equipment dealer to buy equipment with solid stars, and wash to the highest level of skills, or secret skills. According to the characteristics of the general to match skills, you can go to the forum to refer to others recommended equipment configuration.


9. Where are the world's mines? A: A silver mine sign on the edge of their respective capitals. It is where every time the world War generals die, they come back to life.

Matters needing attention

Basically, the above problems are common problems for beginners, and they are summarized and sorted out. Hopefully it will be helpful to first-time players, after all, if the early level has an advantage. It is very important for the later development. I hope it will make everyone less detour and less delay.