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Anti-smog efficacy of electronic masks

2018-05-01 01:36:40

Recently, the continuous haze weather in the northern region, the inhalable particles that were originally suspended in the air are more likely to enter the respiratory tract and stimulate the mucosa, and even damage the lungs, leading to respiratory diseases. Therefore, not at home or out, should take protective measures. Wearing a mask when going out is a simple and effective measure.


Faced with a large number of products, how should consumers choose? What problems should be paid attention to in the wearing process? Expert advice: First, pay attention to fabrics and materials in recent years, personalized masks have a beautiful appearance, but the inside and outside fabrics may contain chemical fiber components, and do not have the function of filtering and blocking bacteria that masks should have. Therefore, when choosing a mask, do not only pay attention to the appearance, but also see the material and function of the mask. At the same time, we should try to choose big brands, regular product packaging and instructions of the goods and purchase through regular channels.


This article is based on experience


Third, cleaning masks every day is not a type of mask, should be cleaned and disinfected every day, cleaning masks, should first put the mask in boiling water for a few minutes, clean and then get the sun to dry, so as to play the role of sterilization and disinfection. In addition, pay attention to hygiene during daily use, put the mask into a clean bag after wearing, and do not turn it over when wearing it.


The harm of PM2.5 is great, so how can we effectively prevent PM2.5? First, we should drive as little as possible and take more public transport such as buses and subways to reduce the concentration of PM2.5. Two: try to smoke less indoors and stay away from second-hand smoke. Three: Conditionally, you can use an air purifier, use a USB mini purifier and open the window less when there is haze weather. Four: Try to avoid going out, if you must go out to less vehicles and crowded places. Five: It is very important to wear a mask when going out to avoid the intrusion of PM2.5.