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Apple Repair tells you how to care for your iPhone

2018-02-19 08:00:00

The better the more need to take good care of, I believe that you have apple, must take a look, see what bad habits you have in the process of usual use, if there is a hurry to change it.


One iPhone


Home key need to protect the misunderstanding: Since the iPhone4 era, there have been many complaints that the iPhone Home key is not durable, resulting in everyone using the iPhone is nervous, and would rather open the "little white dot" do not dare to press the Home key more than a few times. Fact: The Home button before the iphone5 was certainly not durable, but it has been improved a lot in the past few years, and the little white dot "AssistiveTouch" literally translates to "touch buttons for people with disabilities."


The information illegally crawled from experience


The higher the pixel, the better the camera lens. The iPhone 6 Plus is only 8 million pixels, and the camera lens is simply too weak. The Samsung S5's 16 million pixels is twice the size of the iPhone 6P. The truth: pixels will only affect the size of the photo taken, the effect of a photo is good or bad, the biggest determining factor is the sensor, the more light can be received per unit pixel, the better the effect.


Myth: Sleeping at night to charge the iPhone is simply scared, afraid of not knowing which day will burn or burst into flames like the news reports. Truth: In fact, this also leads to the "long charging damage the battery" wrong statement, at present, there is no substantial evidence to prove that long charging will damage the battery. Most smart batteries on the market use lithium batteries, which will automatically power off after being fully charged, there is no overcharging problem, and there will be no explosion as long as you do not use a copycat charger.


Misunderstanding: Various power-saving apps remind us that turning off xx applications can save xx% of the battery, which feels like it can make the iPhone battery more durable. Truth: The most power-saving App is to prompt us to close some unnecessary switches, close some background programs and processes that are not used for a long time, and these themselves double click the Home button to end the background program.

Matters needing attention

The above content needs to be used by everyone to dial, I hope to help you


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