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Asus notebook disassembly, K40AB replacement motherboard.

2018-01-02 20:48:00
Notebook has been fine, suddenly not light up what to do? If the warranty has passed, it must take more than 500 oceans to replace a motherboard after sale, and can it be handled cheaply by itself? Of course, this requires a strong hands-on ability. Anyway, if you want to try it yourself, look down and learn the process of replacing the motherboard with the ASUS K40AB notebook together today.

K40AB notebook


Bolt knife with a plum tip


The mainboard is ready for replacement


Thermal grease


Prepare the notebook, screwdriver, etc. to be removed.


Remove the back cover: Take out the electromagnetic, screw out the four bolts of the back cover, and slide the back cover upward.


Remove the cooling fan: 1. Unscrew the four screws at the fan, and then unscrew the four screws at the CPU (marked by red circle). 2. Turn the CPU seat latch (red arrow on the right) 180 degrees counterclockwise to unlock it. 3. Remove the connector between the fan and the mainboard (red arrow on the left). 4, separate the CPU and heat dissipation cover plate, if it is not good to separate, you can directly take the CPU piece off and then separate. This is why I want to unlock the CPU seat lock first, because if the silicone aging is not good to separate, strong separation is easy to damage the CPU pin.


Remove the memory bar; Wireless card. The disassembly of the wireless network card is to unscrew the back two screws (marked by the red circle) and take out the two connecting cable connectors (marked by the yellow circle).


Remove the optical drive: Unscrew the bolt behind the optical drive (marked with a red circle, 1) and exit the optical drive in the direction of the green connector. Remove the hard disk: unscrew the back four bolts (marked by red circle), translate the hard disk backwards (green connector direction), and then extract it upward.


Remove the card reader chip: Take out the card in the card slot (red arrow), remove the fixing bolts (four screws at the red circle), the back of the chip is connected by pins, and gently remove it upward.


Remove all cable pin plugs connected to the motherboard.


Remove the keyboard: The top of the keyboard has four shrapnel clips fixed to the body, ejected four shrapnel in turn (marked in red, extract the hard disk, remove the keyboard and hard disk connection plug. The cable connection tap is fixed and compressed. You can remove the cable by exiting the compressed bar. Remove the cables that connect the mainboard to prepare for removing the mainboard.


Remove motherboard: Remove all connection bolts (marked by red circle). (Take a look at yourself when you remove it, where the bolt position is not necessarily all right). Gently pick up the mainboard at the back end (away from the semicircular opening of the external interface).


The disassembled motherboard.


Perform the preceding steps to install a new mainboard. After the new mainboard is installed, the system can be used normally.

Matters needing attention

See before you remove a component, then act. Pay more attention to the connection position and disassembly direction.


Apply heat dissipation grease evenly to the new heat dissipation area that is connected to the fan.


Their own experience dedication, hope everyone support!