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Attendance machine set up attendance schedule

2018-05-03 06:24:16

At present, more and more units rely on attendance equipment for personnel attendance management, and basic scheduling can be set directly in the attendance machine, but to achieve complex attendance Settings, attendance management system should be used.


Attendance machine


Attendance management system standard edition


Open the attendance management system Standard Edition, then connect the attendance machine and import attendance data and personnel data. Connecting the attendance machine can refer to the reference below.


First of all, "Time period maintenance" (edit the day), in the pop-up "time period maintenance" window, you can set the working time of the day, so that you can form the setting of morning shift, middle shift, evening shift, etc.


Then "shift management" (edit the week), in the "shift management" window we add a shift. The newly added shifts are added to the schedule from Monday to Sunday.


We see that the working period of the week is: Monday to Friday, work during the day, noon off, Saturday half a day, Saturday afternoon and Sunday off.


According to the set shift, a period of time can be "personnel scheduling", select the department in the "personnel scheduling" window and select all personnel, click the "personnel scheduling" button.


In the pop-up window, the "new shift" just edited is added to the "personnel scheduling", the start and end time is set according to the requirements, and the working time of summer time and winter time can be set separately.


After saving, you can see that the schedule in the set time period (October 1, 2099 to October 30, 2099) has been set, basically you can have attendance, but in special cases to fine-tune how to operate, October 1 to 7 if you do not have to go to work.


To make special adjustments, go to "Free scheduling", then click the "-" sign to delete the schedule from October 1 to 7.


Finally, the scheduling information is saved, the scheduling information automatically takes effect, and can be analyzed according to the set scheduling in the "statistical report".

Matters needing attention

Before starting to set the schedule, please think about the overall schedule plan. You can draw it on paper first, and then follow the steps to set it.


If the previous steps are not fully set, the subsequent Settings will be affected.


The above is only a preliminary setup, and there are more detailed details to be perfected.


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