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Author of Water in China's Ten Great Powers: Li Renfu, Song Fusheng, Qin Riqun, Zhang Yusheng

2018-04-01 16:00:56

Out of the mountains, clear streams, boulders abrupt, long pine trees, dotted with visiting friends Gao Shi, showing the love of Linquan elegant


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By looking at the original works of famous artists, we can understand the characteristics of paper, ink, color, brushwork, seal and signature in various periods of the painter's learning period, maturity period, peak period and decline period.


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To improve your ability to distinguish the true from the false, you must learn more about the methods of the forger. The traditional forms of forgery mainly include copy, temporary copy, making copy, imitation copy, fake painting, real postscript, alteration and so on. Modern counterfeiting has introduced high-tech methods. Therefore, those who study identification should keep up with the development of the market, because counterfeiters are also "advancing with The Times."