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Automatic rotating lamp production method

2018-04-24 19:12:10

Complex point: an automatic rotating wall lamp, by the lamp assembly is arranged in the outer cover, the light bulb is equipped with a support table clip, and the rotating cover is placed on the support table clip, which is characterized in: a. Cover: including upper and lower frame, glass strip, mirror strip, wall lamp bottom plate, hanging plate, glass strip and mirror bar between the upper and lower frame, connected with screws, wall lamp bottom plate is located on the back of the mirror bar, and fixed on the upper and lower frame, while the hanging plate is on the wall lamp bottom plate, and fixed on the upper frame; b. Light assembly: composed of a bend, a lamp holder and a light bulb, the bend is placed in the outer cover, one end of which is fixed on the lower frame, and the other end is provided with a lamp holder, and a light bulb is provided on the lamp holder; c. Support table clamp: including a support table and a spring clamp, the spring clamp is inserted in the hole at one end of the support table, and the spring clamp is clamped on the light bulb; d. Rotating cover: It is composed of a turbine disc, a bottom ring, a silk cylinder and a support needle. The outer edges between the turbine disc and the bottom ring are respectively set on two ends of the same silk cylinder to form a cylinder, and the contact points between the two ends of the silk cylinder and the turbine disc and the bottom ring are connected by thread stitching. There are nylon edges on the outer edges of the two ends of the silk cylinder, and the support needles are inserted into the holes in the center of the turbine disc. The rotating cover is arranged on the clamp of the support table, and the tip of the support needle is in active contact with the end face of the other end of the support table. Simpler: What is the structure of the most important part of the lantern, that is, the part that will rotate automatically? This is usually a cylindrical paper screen made of translucent tissue paper, with colored designs painted on the surface. The cylinder is mounted on a lampstand; On a rotating shaft, a hole in the bottom allows ventilation, and a candle is lit inside the cylinder. At first glance, it was thought that the candle's purpose was only to illuminate the rotating cylindrical screen of paper, so that the picture could be seen on it; in fact, it was the driving force of the lantern. It turned out that when the candle was lit, the air inside the cylindrical screen was heated by it, and when the hot rising air passed over the windmill at the top of the screen, it blew it into motion. The windmill is attached to the cylindrical screen, so it turns the screen with it, and the air inside the cylindrical screen runs upward, and the cold air outside is immediately filled in from below, so the cylindrical screen keeps turning until the candle is extinguished.