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Automotive window film selection experience sharing

2018-04-03 03:12:13

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and many of the riders who just picked up the car began to prepare the car film, but now the car film market is really too messy, fake film rampage, accidentally will stick a fake film. Xiaobian has suffered losses on the film, so for the car film this matter is still a fall into the trap, to share some of my experience:


Look at the brand first. There are many brands of car film, have not heard of the best not to choose, because it is likely to be some small workshop production of inferior car film, will release formaldehyde and other gases, the harm to the body is very large. Therefore, when choosing a film, try to choose a brand film with quality assurance.


Then look exclusive. Brand film is also a variety of, there is the kind of famous but not exclusive manufacturers, the production of car film is just their sideline. Therefore, I think that when choosing a film, try to choose the kind of dedicated film, I chose a well-known brand when choosing a film, but in the end, I pasted a fake film, because they are not membrane, their membrane is too easy to be imitated.


Look at the construction site. Car film is three-point film seven points paste, the construction site is the need for dust-free workshop, so do not go to the street car beauty to film, the door must first ask if there is no dust-free space. Then, the film or dragon film experience is more reliable, because this kind of film is strictly disciplined, and it will not encounter the situation of replacing the good film with the bad film.


Know at least a little bit about membranes. There are already a lot of methods on the Internet to identify fake film and good film, what wipe, smell and so on, are very effective methods. If you do not have a way to experience the film, you understand some knowledge about the car film, and you will not be cheated too badly.