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Autumn when the home improvement strategy

2018-03-09 16:00:00

Autumn is cool, it is a good decoration season, dry climate, wood panels are not easy to return to moisture, paint, paint is easy to dry, but at the same time there will be some unique autumn decoration sequelae, in the decoration process, there are some problems to pay special attention to, especially to "prevent dehydration", but also to "prevent fire". The summer air humidity is large, the wall contains more water, however, the autumn air will gradually become dry, pay attention to moisture, in order to reduce the decoration may produce wrinkles. The following Fan Ya wallpaper specially for you to collect the autumn decoration guide, to help you create a most romantic and warm home. The temperature and humidity of autumn are very suitable for wall decoration, whether it is shaving putty, pasting wallpaper, painting or plaster leveling. In recent years, a wide variety of wallpaper has been favored by owners, but many owners do not understand the characteristics of the wallpaper, making the wallpaper in the autumn after the problem of deformation. Summer air is humid, wallpaper, wall cloth in the paving is not very troublesome, after normal construction, open the doors and Windows to allow the wall to dry quickly. Due to the relatively dry climate in autumn, wallpaper and wall cloth must be soaked in water to "replenish water" before laying, and then brush glue. After paving, you can not open the doors and Windows to dry the wall quickly like in summer, but you need to let the wall with good wallpaper and wall cloth dry naturally, so as to ensure that the wallpaper is not deformed. Wallpaper decoration to water autumn decoration to the wallpaper for the right amount of "water", before the wallpaper, the wall must be kept moderately dry and clean. Before construction, the wall moisture should be less than 6%, and the PH value is less than 9. The new cement wall construction generally needs to be maintained for 20 to 40 days before the wallpaper can be laid. Due to the relatively dry climate in autumn, the wallpaper should not be bought after the first, sealed and saved, and opened before use. Wallpaper can be soaked in water before laying "water". Before the formal paving, you can observe whether the wall is suitable for paving through the trial paste, and whether the wallpaper effect has color difference, bulging, warping and other phenomena. It is generally recommended to try to paste one or two volumes first, and wait 24 hours for the glue to dry and observe the results, if there is no problem, then the construction can be carried out. Decoration materials In the dry autumn, Fan Ya wallpaper reminds you to pay special attention to fire and riot when decorating, decoration materials as far as possible to choose flame-retardant materials, prevention. Try not to put the paint on the south side of the room or the southern window of the house, avoid direct sunlight, and try to put it on the dark side of the house, as long as it does not leak. In addition, paints, coatings, diluents, etc., are highly volatile, and the explosion concentration point is low, so it is necessary to maintain an appropriate safe distance from tools with live operation when stored.