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Baby song download

2018-03-30 22:24:36

Baby songs are the baby's spiritual food, the baby's hearing is very good oh, a lot of things are from audiology, then, good baby songs can let the baby develop potential intelligence, more able to regulate the baby's happy mood. Baby song download please go to "music early education", here is no way to download, then share the benefits of listening to songs for babies and how to train babies' language ability?


Listen: Let your baby listen to you tell stories, read nursery rhymes and talk. Bedtime stories and songs should be a "compulsory course" for babies every day. Each story should be told for at least 1 to 2 weeks, and children's songs should be fixed in a few songs, short and easy to remember and catchy. After many repetitions, your baby's brain builds a processing system that turns stories and nursery rhymes into his internal language, which he doesn't quite speak yet, but will frown if you deliberately mispronounce them. Then you should try to get him to "take the line," or the last rhyme in a children's song;


Look: that is, look at things to speak, look at pictures to speak. At this time, the method is very important, to use the "ask and answer". The first is "ask him for his finger." If you ask, "Where's Mother Bear?" He can point out the animal with his hand. When he is familiar with these words and the relationship between the things that the words represent, you must change the way of asking, "you ask him to say", such as you ask "who is this?" at this time, it is no longer useful to use the finger to answer, you must say "mother bear".


Move: that is, learn to speak by doing movement. 1 to 2 years old baby is a small athlete, he learns the movement skills not only more and clear, such as: climb, walk, run, stop, jump, climb, take, throw, roll, and so on. Learning to speak generally goes through three stages: first, you have to use accurate language to "translate" the actions he is doing; Second, he does what you tell him to do; The third is to do the action while speaking, that is, do and say simultaneously;


Daily dialogue: Every day, you should consciously speak and talk with your baby in daily life situations, the language should be short, clear, and regular, do not say doll language, and the words you want him to say should be read with emphasis or repeated several times to inspire his desire to speak. The most important thing is to keep the baby in a pleasant mood and an atmosphere of learning words. Teach your baby to speak in a relaxed, playlike, and purely entertaining manner and in a loving atmosphere, because a child's speech will only develop fully if he feels loved.